Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday - Planning & Supply Stages

Let me start this by saying, I am not a football fan. Yeah, I kind of was one when I was young, maybe between the ages of 10 and 23 but forgot all about it when I got involved in the real world working for q living. My interest turned more toward  guns & shooting, hunting, Mexican hellholes in which to get drunk and have some other fun (I was single then - get it) hiking and travel. Football never really did it for me before that and once I was out on my own it did even less. Still though, I can enjoy a good game now and then (the cheerleaders even more than the game - am married but am not dead) and just about the only ones I ever watch are the last three games of the playoffs. So, I will be watching the Super Bowl this coming Sunday along with my son Brendan. The last couple of few years, we went to Zum Stamtisch and watched at the bar along with my brothers-in-law. This year we are staying home because we are both working the next day.

With that in mind, I went to Costco today. I picked up a few things to enjoy during the big game. First of all, I grabbed a pork roast - a 16.66 pound pork shoulder. No doubt, I will cut in in two and freeze half of it but the half that does not get frozen is going to be devoured this weekend. Weather permitting and Brendan willing, it will be cooked on his smoker (he is excellent at it). If either the weather or Brendan does not want to cooperate I may give it a go on the BBQ grill; I don't mind it being crappy out while BBQing as long as it is not during a heavy downpour. Otherwise the wife will toss it into the oven and roast it with potatoes and onions. Mmmm mmmmm good Sweine Felisch! I have to say that Costco's pork shoulder is absolutely fabulous and that is because of the fat content - it is substantial and gives an excellent texture and flavor to any roast made with it. Screw lean pork, it is dry and virtually tasteless.

Of course, I also got some other delectables for us deplorables. I picked up a bag of small red & white taters. Costco used to sell bags containing a variety of white, red, purple and black potatoes but has not had them for a year or more near me, so the ones I got will have to do. I debated on getting a few pounds of shrimp for an appetizer and figured I would hold off on them until Saturday or Sunday and get them as fresh as possible. I did pick up a nice sized chunk of white cheddar cheese aged three years, one of my favorites; plenty of crackers in the cupboard. Grabbed a jar of medium salsa and a bag of Fritos corn chip scoops for that. Already have some cheese dip for the chips as well. I grabbed a jar of Kirkland Pesto too. I never even knew what was pesto (funny living most of my life in and near NYC and not knowing about pesto) until my brother-in-law Hans made some fish a few moths back. It was very tasty indeed and when I saw some at Costco awhile later, I bought it with some trepidation thinking it would taste like crap being I never expected anything in a jar to be as good as the fresh product. The fact is, it was the equal of, if not better than, what Hans had made. I have bought several since then and it goes excellently with a wide variety of other foods. 

The last thing I picked up was a jar of garlic stuffed green olives. I am not a fan of olives. Until a few years ago, I would never eat them; then I started eating some spicy shriveled up black olives at a local Portuguese restaurant - they were quite different and delicious. Winds up that now, every now nd then, I can eat a couple or few olives in a salad or by themselves but still they are not a favorite of mine. Brendan, on the other hand, loves em and so does every one else in the family. I also already have a few jars of garlic horseradish pickles on hand - and man is this particular batch the spiciest ever. Then there are the Macadamia and Brazil nuts also already in the larder.

On Friday, or maybe Saturday if I get stuck working on Friday, I am going to get some last minute things like those shrimp I passed by today (well fresher ones than those in particular), maybe some scallops and baby octopus too. Not much, a few pounds in all, just enough to throw into a pot to cook up in a sort of hot & spicy ale based seafood stew I do or in a sherry and cream chowder (decisions - decisions). I'll also get some fresh cilantro, tomatoes, garlic and onions to make my own fresh salsa which I am sure will be better than what I got at Costco today. We already have some dried peppers from our garden around here somewhere to add the heat to the salsa.

Last but least will be the liquid refreshments. So far, I have a few good sized bottles of hard cider, a few bottles of Hop Stoopid Ale, a couple to few more other bottles of other ales, more than enough wine, and enough hard liquor (Tequila, Tanqueray Gin, Laird's Applejack, Spiced Rum, Vodka and Kirschwasser) to float my and Brendan's boat even enough if a few of his friends come over for the game. Brendan and I won't be drink an awful lot since he has to work the next day and so do I. If I recall right I am covering for someone the day after the Super Bowl - so it probably will be a hungover someone for whom I am working. Whatever - I sure do like to have a selection of what I like on hand; so, when the urge hits me for this or that, this or that is here. About the only things I am missing is a jar of moonshine cherries (or my own vodka cherries) and a bottle of Irish whiskey.

I think we will have a nice party. I may have to invite the brother's-in-law and son-in-law. Well Phil - what say you - are you coming for the game son-in-law of mine?

Shit, did I forget green vegetables - oh well - next year for them.

Let's go Islanders (oh wait, that is the other sport isn't it)...

All the best,
Glenn B