Saturday, July 13, 2019


I ordered one of these online earlier in the week. Stock photo but it looks exactly the same. It is the Century Arms C39V2 - MOE, model number: RI2399-N, with milled receiver. It is 100% made in the US of A.

It shipped on the 10th and was delivered on the 11th, same day I got the email notifying me it had shipped. That was quick. I picked it up at a local pawn shop - R&J Pawn And Loan - that handled the transfer for me. Met the owners, husband & wife team, there were extremely nice folks and they only charged $20.00 for the transfer.

Looked it over and it looked good to go. Hope to bring it to the range tomorrow.

There I had been thinking I'd buy myself a nice AR as soon as I got out of NY and I went for this instead; so, the AR has been put on hold for awhile. This will be the last gun I buy until I sell at least a few others and then I'll get an AK.

All the best,
Glenn B