Thursday, May 12, 2016

Everyman's Evening Eyeful

All undercover again this evening.

I've Heard of Bone-Swallowers Before...

...but never before this have I heard of a phone-swallower. A prisoner, in Ireland, for whatever reason decided to swallow a cell phone. He later told authorities about it. They had him brought to a hospital for x-rays and sure enough there was a cellphone in his gut. He did not pass it and it could not be removed by any means so doctors cut him open to pull it out. I can only imagine what else this guy has been swallowing in his lifetime. One thing is for certain, even though he may only be a phone-swallower and not a bone-swallower, he most certainly is a bonehead. More here.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Think I Am Going To Start Packing

No, I don't mean packing heat - I already do that. I think that as soon as I am done typing up this post, I am going to start packing for the trip to Alaska that Brendan and I are making in a couple of weeks. I usually wait until the last minute for almost everything but not this time. I already grabbed a suitcase from up in the loft of my garage and have a pile of clothes and gear that I may or may not bring all piled up in my basement. I also have a brand spanking new Plano All Weather gun case. Now I have to go through all of stuff, see what I really want to bring along and then get it packed. I hope to bring a lessor than greater amount of stuff but certainly am not a minimalist in that regard. As far as Brendan goes, he can take care of his own packing..

I figure on a weeks worth of clothes (who wants to do wash on vacation, at least until the last day), two pairs of boots and a pair of running shoes. I will probably wear my large pair of boots on the plane to save room in my luggage. Other than there will be whatever gear I decide to bring. My gear most certainly will include the following: Remington 870 12 gauge, Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag, my Remington R1 1911 and just enough ammo for each. Other than that, the gear will probably also include: a couple of compasses, matches (I have to check if they are okay in checked luggage), a magnesium fire starter, a couple of knives (a folder and a fixed blade belt knife), rain gear, flashlight and headlamp, a camera and my cellphone. What else could I need except for a bankroll!

I figure on buying bear spray, a first aid kit (or making one from stuff bought at a pharmacy), toiletries, some ammo, and maybe even fresh water fishing gear and tackle once we get to Alaska. As far as fresh water fishing stuff goes, I am thinking about possibly shipping it to myself, to either be held at UPS for pick-up or delivered to our motel. That would save a lot of money in AK on fishing gear we do not need more of and would save a lot of room in our luggage. The salt water fishing we plan on doing will be on a boat that supplies everything we will need except for the fish and the luck needed to catch them.

I have arranged it so Brendan will bring one checked bag and a carry on. I will bring two checked suitcases (one a gun case for my firearms) and a checked bag and maybe my laptop. Not even a single piece of checked luggage goes for free, so checking any bags has made the trip quite a bit more expensive than just the airfare. Oh well, it is going to be a once in a lifetime trip for me, so screw it and do it. I prepaid for that amount of luggage so it made it a few bucks less expensive.

Anyway, I had best get started otherwise I will wind up waiting until the last minute and be stressed out on the day we fly there. I don't need that and neither does Brendan. I want to see him smiling every day of the week we will have together there. So, that means I had better start on making it so right now.

Later for you,
Glenn B