Monday, June 18, 2018

A New Boomer - Mossberg 395SA - For My Collection

You had to know it was inevitable, that since I was at yet another Hessney Auction Company rod & gun auction this past weekend, I would wind up with at least one new gun. Truth be told, I brought home two boomers to add to my collection. One of them was a used Mossberg 395SA and while it is not new condition-wise, it is new to my collection.

The Mossberg 395SA is a bolt action 12 gauge shotgun chambered for 2 3/4 & 3 inch shells. The metal parts are mostly blued steel (except for bolt and trigger) and it has a wood stock with a rubber recoil pad. The barrel is 24 inches long. This gun was specifically made to be a slug gun (the S in the model number designating that). It is box magazine fed (I am guessing two or three rounds will fit in the mag) and came with one magazine. As far as I can tell, the trigger guard is plastic. It also has sling swivel studs installed and they look original.

I only took a quick passing glance at this one before bidding so was basically bidding blind. I rarely bid without first looking over a gun really well but for some reason had the urge to do so with this one. I was thinking of getting something for a project gun and figured why not this one if the price was right. Fact is though, when I saw it after having the high bid, I found out that the metal is just about pristine while the stock is only good to very good condition with several of little dings and surface scratches here and there but nothing bad - most do not even go below the finish. The only really negative thing, that I have found so far, is that it is missing the safety switch. Yet, the safety is still operable by way of a flat metal plate, still in place, that fits under the safety switch. Anyway, I will remedy the missing switch once I receive the OEM replacement safety switch I ordered from Numrich Gun Parts Corp..

I was lucky with this one, it could have been a real clunker but while it is not exactly a diamond in the ruff it sure seems it will be a nice shooter - well worth my pretty minimal bid. I looked it up in the Blue Book of Gun Values and the 395 models usually are valued at about $135 in this condition; however, this one would go for around $40 more due to the S designation for it having a slug barrel. In fact, the barrel is marked Slugster after the model number. Not a bad find nor a bad buy especially since now we are talking a value of over double what I paid for it and that includes cost of the replacement safety switch.

Once I receive and install the safety switch, I am going to bring it to the range and see how it shoots. Who knows, it may be a keeper and I may take it with me during the this year's deer season and leave my 870 at home for a change. Then again, when I hit the deer woods later this year, I may bring the other gun I bought at this weekend's auction. That other one definitely is a keeper and one I am none to sure I will bring out into the woods - it is just so damned purdy. Heck, I may not even fire it - then again - why wouldn't I as long as I am careful not to ding it. More on that one in a future post and all else I will say here & now bout it is that it is in 30-06 caliber.

All the best,
Glenn B