Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anonymous Halloween Post

Someone, who shall remain anonymous, sent me an email, about plans for scoring some chocolate today, which is Halloween. Now, I do not know if the anonymous emailer had this plan or if another person of anonymity had it but you can read it here and see the pic that accompanied it. Probably good that the Anon, whose plan it was, heeded his wife's advice!

"To all,
What was I to do? 
To me, its not Halloween, it is one of the 365 Days of Chocolate.  But...I'm taller than I used to be and can't walk up to someone's door and yell "trick or treat!"   It just doesn't work for me anymore.
What to to get chocolate...?
And then it came to me.  Follow the lead of our illustrious leader.  BHO came up with an idea of having everyone send money to him in the way of calling it "free health care".  But how did he do that? 
By force.            ...what a great idea!!!
So...I dressed up (photo enclosed), prepared to go to the end of the street and start by visiting my good friend Bill, and then showed my wife.  For some strange reason, she thought it was a bad idea.
She is wiser than I so I stayed home and ate all the M&M's since the children never came.
Happy Day of Chocolate!!!

I love it.

All the best,

Exploding Whale - A Blast FromThe Past

This is great even if it didn't work out quite how it was expected to have done but then again neither was Moby Dick all that predictable!

All the best,