Friday, December 8, 2023

Buy Ammo Now - Ammo Prices Set To Soar (This is apparently not BS)

 According to an article at MSN, Vista Outdoors - the parent company of Federal Ammunition, also the parent company of other ammo manufacturers -  has announced that on January 1, 2024 (happy friggin New Year), they are going to raise ammunition prices substantially. Vista Outdoor has reportedly sent a letter of intent to raise prices to their customer base. In the letter, they reportedly said: 
"Due to world events our suppliers have notified us of unprecedented demand for and an anticipated global shortage of gunpowder, and thus has increased our prices substantially," Vice President of Sales, Sporting Products Brett Nelson said in the letter. We must therefore raise our pricing to help offset those increases." 
More at the first source and at the second source and at this third source.

Damn, with all the shooting going on in the Ukraine and with lots of U.S. ammo going there, I guess this was the inevitable outcome. It probably happened sooner than later with the addition of the conflict in Gaza. 

I would suggest that if you are in need of ammo or gunpowder and other reloading components - you may want to start buying as soon as you read the articles and verify to your satisfaction the linked reports. I am going to hate to spend money on ammo when I, like millions of others, are buying presents for Christmas but such is life - life stinks at least under Bidenomics!

All the best,
Glenn B