Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Is The South Rising Again?

Missouri reportedly is putting forth legislation, that is passed and signed into law, would make it a crime to enforce any and all federal gun laws within that state. It reportedly has already passed the state senate.
A key question and its probable answer, asked in the linked article, about this proposed law are:
"Can you imagine if other states follow suit? It would spell the death of gun control in red states, at the very least, if not a step toward political Balkanization."

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Is this for real or is it satire like what is posted at The Onion? I do not know much about The Sentinel but the site this article is posted on has a separate satire page, so I m guessing this may be real news. If it is for real it will be interesting
I know they used the word "political" before the word "Balkanization" but do they think it would stop at politics if Balkanization actually took place. If this passes and other states follow suit, I think the United States of America will have come to an end as we know it. Does anyone think the federal government is willing to lose its power over the states! Like the first time around, when states tried to shake off the yoke of the federal government and exercise states' rights, the situation would likely end up in civil war. Maybe good - maybe bad but I think there will be a lot of pain and suffering getting to the end result if this passes and if other states do likewise in rapid succession. 
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Glenn B