Friday, September 3, 2010

Your Remington Moment - Firearms Giveaway Contest

Yet another firearms giveaway is being held, this one by Remington. It is called Your Remington Moment. They are giving away a Remington 887 Nitro Magnum Shotgun twice per month until April 2011, this started back in April this year. Then, in April 2011, they are going to select one grand prize winner, from among the bi-monthly winners. The grand prize is absolutely amazing, a complete set of Remington firearms, ammo for them all, and a safe in which to store them.

Here is the list of firearms that make up the grand prize:

Model 700 CDL Model 870 Wingmaster Model 770 Model Seven CDL Model 597 Synthetic Model 11-87 Sportsman Field Model R-15 Model 750 Model 887 Nitro Mag Model 7600 Model 1100 Sporting 12 Model 572 Model SP-10

To get in on this one you need to enter a photo by following the links and instructions on the Your Remington Moment website. You can also enter a brief description of the photo and your Remington moment. I read the rules/instructions, and nowhere does it say that your Remington Moment had to be achieved with a Remington firearm but it probably would not hurt to include a pic of one of their guns in the shot. To win, it looks as if you have to get more votes for your pic than the others get for their pics. I may have to be calling in favors to vote on my entry which appears above. I think I'll have to enter a pic every time until it ends.
If I win the grand prize in this one, I may never again have to buy another rifle or shotgun! Then again, neither will Brendan.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another Hunting Trip Giveaway

Today must be the day for hunting trip giveaways. I received a card from Buckmasters telling me about their Texas Whitetail Hunt Giveaway. The entry is free and you do not even have to register to become a member of their website. The prize is an "...all expenses paid hunt..." on the Montgomery Properties Ranch in Texas. The prize will be courtesy of Buckmasters and the ranch. If you win the trip, you will filmed by a camera crew while out hunting. My guess is that this will be a trip during which, if you can shoot straight, you will bag a buck if you are the winner. The winner will be announced on October 5th. The hunt will take place between October 27 - October 31, 2010. They did not mention if they also pay for the winner's transportation but I would gladly pay my own round trip airfare to Texas for such a dream trip as this would be if I was the winner.

Once again, I am not all that sure why I am telling anyone else about this. If you win this one and the previous one - well you owe me one for telling you about them.

You can enter at:

All the best,
Glenn B

Weatherby Firearms & Trip Giveaway

I'd love to win a rifle, just once in my lifetime that would be very nice. So when I see what looks like a legitimate rifle giveaway, I give it a try. I just visited the $ site after seeing a link to it in an email I received from the North American Hunting Club. Once there, I saw that Weatherby is running a not only a gun giveaway but a hunting trip and gun training trip giveaway as well. Pretty much all I had to do was register with their site, then enter the contest after agreeing to the rules. For some reason, I always expect there to be a catch with these things, something I'll have to pay to register or to get into the contest but as it turns out it is all free. So what the heck, I signed up as a member of their site and then I entered the contest.

I sure would not mind winning one of the 4 hunts, or the trip to Gunsite, all of which also include winning a firearm. Then again, I would not mind winning one of the 5 consolation prizes - all firearms. Here are the trips they are giving away:

1) Spring Turkey Hunt to Paso Robles, California (2 travel days & 2 hunt days), this prize includes a Weatherby® PA-08 Synthetic pump shotgun (12 gauge). Runner-up: 1 PA-08 Synthetic pump shotgun (12 gauge).

2)Home Defense Training at Gunsite Academy(5 days including travel days)in Paulden, AZ (I love AZ) plus a Weatherby® PA-459 Synthetic pump shotgun. Runner-up: 1 PA-459 Synthetic pump shotgun.

3)Full Feathered Upland Bird Hunt in Kamiah, ID (2travel & 3 hunting days) plus a Weatherby ® SA-08 Synthetic semi-auto shotgun. I could not find the runner up prize for this one but would guess it is likely a Weatherby ® SA-08 Synthetic semi-auto shotgun (12 or 20 gauge) since that is the one given away with this hunt. As a matter of fact, this hunt is not listed hen you click on the ? link next to each hunt. I found it listed though in the rules for the giveaway.

4)Fully Guided Trophy Antelope Hunt in Glenrock, Wyoming(2 travel and 3 hunting days)Weatherby® Vanguard® Synthetic rifle. (Heck, this one has my name in it minus an n, could be a lucky charm). Runner-up: 1 Vanguard Synthetic rifle (winner’s choice of in-stock calibers).

5)Plains Game African Safari trip to South Africa for a Plains Game Safari with Compass Safaris. This one includes travel and hunt, 7 to 9 days and Weatherby ® Mark V® Accumark® rifle (winner's choice of in-stock calibers)with an estimated value of around 10 grand for just this prize! Runner-up: 1 Mark V® Accumark® rifle (winner’s choice of in-stock calibers).

Even if you do not win a trip, if you enter, you also have a chance to win a rifle or shotgun as a runner up prize. So, if you would like to give it a try, visit this Weatherby site:

I don't know about you but I would love to win a hunt to South Africa even if it meant I'd have to spend a grand or two on it and then pay taxes on top of that. That would be the hunt of a lifetime, hopefully one on whcih I would not be eaten by lions or trampled by elephants. Of course, any of the other trips would be absolutely great too. This is so good, I really don't know why I am telling anyone else, except maybe my son, about this. The more entries there are, I imagine the less chance I have of winning. I guess though it would be nice to see one of my readers win even if I do not. If you do sign up for the contest, good luck!

All the best,
Glenn B