Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is It Coincidental That Russia & China Have Flexed Their Military Muscle... the same time more or less relative to their neighboring countries and making it look like invasions are imminent. I think it is no coincidence and also believe that what we have seen so far may be all the warnings we are going to get before one or both of those world powers commence(s) military action against the nation(s) they have in effect been targeting. Should Russia and China actually both invade their neighbors, the Ukraine in the case of Russia and Taiwan in the case of China (both allies of the United States of America) what will we do. 
My guess is little more than spout rhetoric from the mouth of the current presidential administration. Of course, we may also take action and my further guess is that if we do take action it will be essentially ineffective and that any countermove by Russia and China may bring us to our knees like the weakling they believe us to be under Biden or may land us smack dab into the middle of a nuclear attack and WWIII. Of course - none of our experts seem to believe that to be possible but I seem to remember that is what out experts thought in 1941 too when the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor took place and landed us in WWII. Those two other nations currently see us as being extremely weak right now because of us having extremely weak and ineffective leadership (if you can call Biden & Harris leaders), because of our terrible economy, because of supply chain issues and because one of our military leaders had pledged to notify China if we planned to attack them under president Trump (I cannot believe this guy is still in the military). I would not be surprised if they staged concurrent attacks on the 7th.
Besides all that, Joe Biden seems to be in the pocket of China and seems to be a mumbling fool when it comes to Russia (he is talking about economic sanctions should Russia invade the Ukraine, one of our allies). I would like to doubt that I am even possibly correct but I am an absolute pessimist when I see all the things going on with our enemies beating the war drums and virtually nothing going on with our president except him making up new mask mandates and lying through his face about his own past exploits. Honestly folks, I think his son would be a better president than him (although I am not suggesting that Brandon ever even consider politics and thus continue to ruin the USA). 
So, what is bumbling Biden's plan right now to deal with these situations? Well, he is going to have a meeting with Putin on December 7th (is it a coincidence that was the date of the last invasion of the United States by a foreign power). Let me tell you in his own words what he expects:
"We’ve been aware of Russia’s actions for a long time and my expectation is we’re gonna have a long discussion with Putin," (source). 
Meanwhile, Russia has 94,000 troops on the Ukrainian border poised to attack if that is what they decide to do. What will SlowJoe do then! He plans to place economic sanctions against them (source). He said we have no shortage of sanctions but we evidently have a shortage of oil. Wasn't he just recently begging the Saudis and the Russians to produce more oil hoping that wold lower oil prices that have skyrocketed (source) under his administration!
"...Biden in August 2021 begged Saudi Arabia and other Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia (OPEC+) to pump more crude oil." (source). 
Then when Russia and other nations did not produce more to help lower prices, what did Biden do but dip into our strategic oil reserve - not once but twice. Guess where it was expected he would send those reserves - China & India (source). Our oil reserves are now lacking for us but maybe are a big help to at least one of our enemies. Should we wind up in a war with them, their jets - the same invading Taiwan's air space as of late - may wind up dropping bombs on us while burning the fuel we gave to them. Our fossil fuel situation is a far cry from what it was under president Trump when we had oil independence for the first time in more than 6 decades (source). What the heck is wrong with how Biden and the leftists in this country think or is it they just do not think!
Let's go Brandon or better yet, let me say it outright - FUCK JOE BIDEN because my bet it that is what Vladimir Putin will tell him just that on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. It would not surprise me in the least if Russia and China attack their neighbors on that day and would only surprise me a little bit if they went straight for the big money and attacked us as well. Of course, all the muscle flexing is probably just a way to get Sleepy Joe to acquiesce to the whims of the Russians & the Chinese. As I said, they see us as weak and I am sure they want to capitalize on our weakness but then again, who knows what evil lurks in the minds of commies.

All the best,
Glenn B