Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Long Awaited DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard,...

...for my Beretta 92FS, arrived today. I purchased one from a couple of weeks back. What a disappointment is about all I can say to describe how I felt right after I took the DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard (tan and lined) out of the package. I almost immediately sent an email to DeSantis, because they are the manufacturer of this holster, complaining about what I believe is the lack of quality and the poor quality control for this product. As for OpticsPlanet, I sent them an email requesting a no-charge return to be arranged along with a full refund to me because it was damaged when I received it.
I guess the best way to express my opinion about this product is to show you the email I sent to DeSantis:
Several years ago, while still a federal agent and firearms instructor, I arranged for an order of hundreds of your holsters for my agency for its NY office. I have worn DeSantis holsters for years now, ever since that order. I have thought of your holsters as being of high quality but feel obligated to let you know that my opinion has just changed. 

I recently ordered a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard through It was delivered today. The holster I received was damaged in that the finish was scraped and, in my opinion, it should never have made it off the factory floor. 

In addition, I believe the holster is obviously of inferior quality as compared to other holsters I have been used to owning since I use only very high quality and durable leather holsters. I paid a premium to purchase a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard that was lined. Your website says that this holster is lined with suede. When I saw the lining I almost gasped at the lack of quality I saw there. The 'suede' appears and feels more like cloth than suede and seemingly is unlike any suede I have ever seen in my life in that it is an extremely thin lining at best. It is so thin that I cannot imagine my pistol not wearing through it in less than a year; I expect a holster to last many years. Speaking of thin, the outer shell of holster leather is also pretty thin itself. The thumb break is so flimsy, I am certain it would not last a year of repeated medium use.

How you can sell this with an asking price of $84.99 plus shipping, on your site, is beyond me. I thought I was getting a bargain when I got it for around $61.00 including shipping through What I got instead was something much less than desirable even though it is stamped "Made in the USA". As for this particular holster, I will return it to and request a refund. As for me making other purchases of DeSantis products in the future, based on this experience, I am unlikely to ever again buy one of your products unless quality improves markedly. 

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Bear in mind that my letter expresses my opinion as to the quality, or lack of it, for that particular holster but it is my unvarnished opinion at that. I hope to hear back from DeSantis about this matter. For now though, if that is what they are offering as a high quality holster, I will not be holding my breath, and do not advise that you hold yours, waiting until my next purchase of one of their products.

All the best,
Glenn B