Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

Am I missing something? Maybe they never sing it at inaugurations but somehow I doubt that they do not. They did sing a song before swearing in Biden, but not the one I am missing. Wouldn't the National Anthem have been much more appropriate than 'My Country, Tis of Thee' before the swearing in commenced? Hopefully they will squeeze 'The National Anthem' in there someplace. Of course maybe they will not since they are now performing Air and Simple Gifts a musical composition! Then again I just heard Feinstein say how much more wonderful and right it is that the vote won out over the gun or something to that effect. Damn moron forgets that the gun is what keeps the vote free in the first place, the gun and the blood of all those who bore arms in defense of our great Nation. Yet somehow she found it appropriate to show the cold shoulder to all of those who have fallen in defense of Freedom and to outright slam them with disrespect in her opening remarks.

Gosh damn they are administering the oath of office and we have not heard The National Anthem during these ceremonies. He is now president without it having played, but trumpets are blaring as is 'Hail The Chief'. I suppose now that I give it a moments reflection this should come as no surprise concerning the man who refused to wear an American Flag lapel pin and who refused to place his hand over his heart during the singing of The National Anthem. As I said, maybe it is never sung at the inauguration, but I certainly think it should be sung. Now his acceptance speech - maybe The National Anthem, and a thought for our country, will come after that.

As for now, his speech is scary already - too expensive health care, our decline is inevitable, our use of energy feeds our enemies - etc. Welcome to the Socialist States of America is all I can forsee. Heck, did he just call us childish at least by implication when quoting scripture? Heavens help us....... Well at least he is acknowledging the sacrifice of those who worked and died for our Country. I guess one has to hope, but I don't have a whole lot of it as for this administration being good for our country especially with his remaking America comment. Note he did not say imrpoving it, or fixing it, or anything that would indicate that it at least at one time had been great - he said remake it - as if it was never good enough in the first place.

Gotta go to work, no time to listen to more of his speech.

All the best,
Glenn B