Friday, October 20, 2006

N. Korea & Nukes, Another Look, Am I Too Cynical...

...or is Condoleezza Rice being a bit naive, or just to diplomatic? Here is what Condoleezza Rice said today, about China apparently influencing North Korea to cease nuclear testing and agree to come back to the table to talk:

"In this entire 30-year history of the North Korean nuclear program this is the first time that the international system has been able to actually impose a cost on North Korea for its nuclear behavior," Rice said. "It's able to impose that cost because China has been brought into the process in a way that China never was before." ( @,2933,222658,00.html)

That is all well and good, but only if North Korea actually comes back to the table to carry out realistic negotiations over its nuclear proliferation, its counterfeiting of U.S. currency, its trade violations, and the war with South Korea (please don't tell me you were not aware they are still technically at war with S. Korea, they have been only in a state of cease fire since, what was it, about 1953).

Of course, even if North Korea agrees to talks, either with just the USA or the 6 party talks, what will it all matter in the scope of things. They already have their nuclear weapons capabilities now, don't they! So what is it that the USA, and the rest of the world, will try to get them to agree. My guess is that North Korea will be ready to stop violating the DMZ, they will probably be ready to stop counterfeiting US currency, they probably will hold back on money laundering, they will likely tone down anti USA rhetoric, they will allow inspection of their ships at sea or in and out of ports, they will discontinue testing medium or long range missile for awhile (but probably not more than a year or two); in short they will make concessions to the USA. Just look at what Kim Jong il was quoted as saying (from the same linked article above):

""If the U.S. makes a concession to some degree, we will also make a concession to some degree, whether it be bilateral talks or six-party talks," Kim was quoted as saying by the Chosun Ilbo."

Wow, how conciliatory of him. Well, tell me, what is it he and the North Koreans are going to do next. My guess is not anything that actually amounts to much, that is except for one thing. The one thing they will keep doing that will amount to an awful lot is, by my guess, that they will keep whatever nukes they already have, and will probably produce more of them in secret. Sure they will make concessions on all those other things since none of them, not even all of them combined, amount to a hill of beans.

Regardless of that though, the US, and the rest of the world, will sit down expecting to have meaningful talks with Kim Jong Il and his government over all those silly subjects *silly when compared to a madman with his finger on a nuclear trigger), and what will they accomplish. Not a whole heck of a lot. The only ones who are accomplishing anything are the North Koreans, and they have almost no resources of which to speak. My hat goes off to them for that, then I would just as well nuke them preemptively.

Of course my cynicism may be misguided. Kim Jong il may have had a change of heart. The North Korean people may also suddenly and almost miraculously have begun to think that we are their friends instead of their bitter enemies - a fact which has been inundated into the essence of their being since the day each of them was born. In addition the world may stop rotating (or is it revolving) and starting bouncing its way through the cosmic debris - yeah right.

While we are having the so called talks with North Korea, I can only hope we do so with one major goal in place, that goal being having them un-nuke their military (sorry I lacked a better word but you get my drift). Of course if that means getting rid of Kim Jong il in some fashion that would be a plus because I believe he is a lunatic, and keeping him in power of more than a Newspaper Stand would be dangerous for the whole world.

Am I right to be concerned, well more than 50 years of very recent tell me yes I am quite justified. Am I right for sure, only time will tell, but I am willing to bet I'm right. We need to get rid of this guy, and fast, especially now that he has nukes.

All the best,

Glenn B

As I recall there were no non-family witnesses... this suicide, see the article Husband Indicted in Van Suicide. If that is the case, that there were no witnesses other than the father and the children; I think the police are being extremely creative in charging the father/husband in connection with his wife's suicide. Of course my estimation of this precludes the 5 year old child having given a credible and coherent recounting of what went on, and that recounting would of course have to implicate the father. Somehow I find it hard to imagine that a 5 year old child would have understood enough of what went on if what the plice are alleging is correct. I hope the prosecutors are not pressing charges on a statement like: 'Daddy yelled at mommy, daddy was mad at mommy,mommy said she would kill herself, daddy got out of the car and mommy went over the edge" because folks that should not be anywhere near enough even in light of what happened. People say stupid things in arguments all the time, but then again I do not even know that the police have even that much.

Maybe they have other evidence to suggest he did this, maybe it is just super creative police imaginations gone wild; I hope that the truth will come to light, the truth of reality and not some jury decision based upon conjecture because this one seems even more inventive than the rape charges against the Duke University students.

All the best,
Glenn B