Sunday, August 23, 2015

There I Was In My Previous Post...

... feeling good about catching three mice. That was until I saw this:

Now that would really make me feel good and taste good too.

All the best,

So Far I Am Winning - Today's Body Count...

... is three for me and zero for them. That is as long as those worthless bastards have not secretly used biological weapons against me.  Even if they have, at least I have killed three of them before they got me. It gave me a great feeling of satisfaction to see their limp and lifeless bodies.

In as far as that goes, I have done my family, neighbors, community and even my state and country a favor. If I can kill a few more before the day is through though, I will go from just feeling good about myself to being ecstatic. My mother-in-law may be the most pleased of all because she can't stand the sight of them, let alone deal with the fact that they have been trespassing on our property and have been so bold as to saunter around our yard and patio in broad daylight. She hates mice even more than she hates me!

With any luck, they were house mice (Mus musculus as I suspect and don't carry the hantavirus. Plague I might be able to deal with but the hantavirus scares the crap out if me. Then again, they could have been white-footed mice, their feet were partially white or at least the toes had some white. They carry the hantavirus and that could change who won today.

Anyway, three down and only the rest of them know how many more to go but there must be a lot of them with them being out and about in the middle of the day. I am going to enjoy every last snap of the trap and hopefully will get all of them before they find their way into our house. By the way, I use peanut butter as bait in the traps, it is phenomenally excellent as mouse bait.

All the best,
Glenn B