Thursday, May 5, 2022

Wouldn't It Be Hot Stuff...

 ...if it was revealed that a Supreme Court Justice was the one who leaked the draft document relative to possibly overturning Roe versus Wade! Right now, many on the left are praising the leaker; however, at least one democrat, Senator Mark Warner, is calling for the prosecution of the person who leaked the draft. More at the source
I find myself surprised that the demoncrats have not done what they usually do in as much as they have not tried to frame someone on the right for the leak - particularly that they have not tried to frame a conservative Supreme Court Justice. It does not even seem like they've had that idea yet (hope they do not read this). 
Imagine though, if you will, that it was a justice who leaked the document. What would happen to that justice. That justice would no longer be able to take on any other Supreme Court cases - not one without there being a whirlwind of opposition to the justice remaining on the bench. I am guessin the justice would resign if outed. That would be terrible if a conservative as far as I am concerned but the left would be overjoyed if such was the case. Thus back to my surprise that no one on the left, to my knowledge anyway, has accused a right wing Justice of being the leaker. Maybe such an accusation is yet to come.
It would make for some outrageous sensational news reporting if it were even suggested as a possibility let alone if such a theory was pushed by the demoncrats or the rebooblikans. Either side could try to benefit from such accusations. If actually true that it was a Justice  - which is not all that far fetched considering the current state of politics & our society - holy cow!
Now, you may wonder why a justice might take the risk to release it. Well, I suppose with the elections coming up in the not too distant future, that justice would be hoping to garner votes for his or her party. It is obviously driving the loons on the left more bonkers than anything before, or so it seems to me. My guess is that if it comes to fruition and RvW is overturned they will come out in droves to vote. Even if it does not come about, just the threat of it ever possibly happening might make them cast 10 votes each if they can get away with it. Thing is though, the timing seems off but who knows when the decision will come down, could be it was leaked now because a decision is forthcoming very soon. 
Then again, maybe the person who let it out (Justice, law clerk, maintenance  man - whoever) is just hoping a right wing judge on the SC bench will be assassinated leaving an opening to which Biden can appoint someone other lefty. 

The possibilities of the outcome of the leak appear almost endless. No matter what actually happens, it still would be one hell of a story to break if it was in fact a Supreme Court Justice who leaked it no matter on which side of the political aisle he or she sits.
All the best,
Glenn B