Saturday, August 10, 2019

I'm Betting Mass Shootings Are Not Caused By The Guns, Stupid

Tonight, I am going to try an experiment to see if what that meme above says is factual. I am going to load one of my so called "evil black rifles" and then I am going to leave it loaded on a table. I will make it potentially much more evil by leaving some extra 30 round loaded magazines on the table with it to keep it company and replenish with ammo it should it decide to get up during the night and go out on a killing spree. Then, I am going to go to bed. 

When I wake up tomorrow (if it does not kill me while I sleep) I am going to scour the Internet media sites to see how many mass killings it committed all on its own while I slept. Would any of you die-hard leftists like to accept the odds I am giving - of every penny I own against you no longer posting/ thinking/ believing stuff like that - that my gun will not have caused a single death let alone will not have caused a mass murder by tomorrow, on its own volition, even though I left it loaded & alone to be free to bring about whatever mayhem it possibly could have caused? In other words, I am betting it is not the guns, at least not mine, that are causing mass shootings. Got it - stupid!

All the best,
Glenn B

He Was On Suicide Watch But...

...evidently no one was checking on his visitors. 

Now Jeffrey Epstein is dead from an apparent suicide (source)! Yeah, right.

Not saying there is any connection, this is the humor and satire part.
There was certainly a long list of folks who would want him out of the picture including politicians, businessmen, royalty and his victims.

I hope they are keeping a better watch on Virginia Giuffre; the woman who reportedly made allegations against him and several others.

All the best,
Glenn B

Things Coming Together

Picked up my Ar from my local FFL yesterday. I have not shot it yet but gotta say it looks nice and the trigger pull ios crisp and smooth, in fact pretty impressive. It's a Stag Arms 15 OCR. 

I also got the sights for it at the post office this morning. Dumb ass I can be, I forgot to put down the apartment number for the delivery address and when they tried to deliver ithe sights yesterday they could not.I checked the tracking number last night, thinking they should have arrived by yesterday and saw the delivery failure notice. Lucky for me they diod not attempt a second time and they had them in the back room when I went to check on them.

Also drove over to Texarkana today and rented an apartment in Wake Village,TX - just south of Texarkana (as in attached to its arse more or less). No great digs but decent nice enough for me (and my tortoises) for the term of my one year lease and the ladies in the rental office are very nice. The lease, by the way, costs less than a month's rent to break, that is should I decide the place sucks. My guess though is it will be fine. Kind of an old tub in the bathroom (is 1.5 BA apartment/townhouse, 2 story) but it all looked clean, at least during a fast once over.  The kitchen is nice, the appliances all look pretty new and are stainless. I'll be moving in sometime this coming week or next, need to get the keys later this coming week. I'll have to hit Home Depot, next time I am in Texarkana, for a folding table and chairs for the kitchen and for some cinder blocks and boards to make some temporary shelves until I kind find some decent second hand furniture. Will also need to at least get a decent couch and a bed; although, a good couch is more important than the bed as it can do double duty. I am in no hurry to furnish the place, just need some basics for now.

Was hoping to get back to Texarkana tomorrow with Brendan, on the AR side, for a gun show, then head to a range west of Hot Springs to shoot the new AR and AK and whatever else, then to Bubba Brews on Lake Hamilton for some excellent food before heading home. Since Brendan is out at a neighbor's apartment getting more plastered than he was before he walked out the door and oh was he plastered), my guess is I will be on my own tomorrow to do any of that or will have to wait until Sunday to see if he will be up to it. Oh well, time will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B