Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I Think Biden Needs To Be Removed From Office... whatever legal means is available to get him out now and I think that is what the democrats may be thinking as well. And yes Kamala Harris would become the president, likely a ditzier but yet somewhat more cognizant president; so as much as I hate to admit it, probably a better one than Biden. My guess is she would only lie half as much as the serial inventor of the Joe Biden that Joe Biden often portrays himself to be - a legend in his own mind. 
Did he actually take a knee for a photo-op with basketball players? More at the source. Why? Was it to symbolize that he would kneel instead of singing the National Anthem - just as many football & basketball players did? That is how I interpret what this scumbag just did! Even VP Harris was not stupid enough to pull that stunt by dropping to a knee. Look at the shit eating grin on his face as he does it - he seems to me to have zero respect for the United States of America. I think he is a piece of shit bum for having done so but am sure he will make up some screwball excuse for himself and to try to appease the left (but mostly to justify himself to himself - if you have not noticed, he seems to do that a lot and it ofttimes seems that it comes out as a lie about something he claims to have done that he has not done).
Do you think he loves America and American citizens? Then why did he essentially threaten gun owners with possible F-15 attacks against their AR-15s if they ever try to overthrow a tyrannical government (more at the source). If that does not reek of tyranny - what does!

Fuck Joe Biden and if you do not like the language I use to speak about him then - in the immortalized words of Sister Walter Phillip allow me to say - tough noogies. I am sick of him. He is - as I see him - lower than the lowest scum of the earth. He is, I believe, almost 100% responsible for the super-high inflation we are going through and that only after him creating the problem is he now trying to take credit for things getting better under his insane economic policies and at the same time hoping we forget that we are in this mess because of his policies! 
We did not have to suffer for 2 years of his presidency with those inflation rates, all he had to do was keep President Trump's economic policies and oil production policies in place - but no he destroyed them almost immediately upon taking office. Then what did he do but sign off on a spending plan for trillions & trillions of dollars, and he calls conservatives "fiscally demented" (more at the source) when he spends like there is no tomorrow; yet, we do not have a pot to piss in, the window to throw it out of nor the ground to catch it! 
Add to that - what does he do but allow hundred of thousands, if not millions, of illegal aliens across our borders to stay here. They are people whose first act on U.S. soil is to break the law in our country. Even the leftist, sanctuary city loving, mayor of NY says he has had enough of the illegals now that Texas sent thousands of them to NYC to share the expense of caring for them. Funny how the mayor changed his tune after having to foot the bill for some of their care. Instead of encouraging Biden's catastrophic border policies as I think he had done and bad mouthing those who opposed them, mayor Adams is calling it all a national crisis (more at the source) now that the problem has landed in part on his lap.
Biden also seemingly has a track record of being an abject racist. He is (or was) apparently in cahoots with Red China and the Ukraine. He evidently, it seems, has covered for the alleged criminal activities of his son, he allegedly has profited from business dealings his son had with the Red Chinese, reference Hunter Biden's laptop. He has also evidently broken the law just as he alleges President Trump did with regard classified documents but yet he acts if he is law abiding and morally superior to President Trump. Biden says he is cooperating but he only said that after classified documents he has held for several years - since he was vice president - were found in his possession. Had they not been found - do you think he would have been honest & forthright and told the citizenry about them. 
There was no secret that Trump had such documents, he was in negotiations about them before the dems and their lackeys in the FBI decided to launch a full scale raid on his Florida residence! Where is that same type of raid on Biden's offices & home? Biden knew he (Biden) possessed those documents when he went after Donald Trump for the same exact thing, that was way before we knew Biden had them. He even kept some of them in - of all places - his garage. He did not disclose he had them until after the elections even though found days before the elections. That was also until well after he called President Trump irresponsible for having kept similar documents; which Trump kept in secure areas Mar-a-Lago (more at the source) and not in his garage! 
Amazingly enough the National Archives are not in an uproar (at least not yet) about Biden having those documents. No they are rather laid back about it or at least have been. The FBI seems likewise. That even though a vice president - which is what Biden was when he took those documents - is not able to legally declassify them; only a president (like former President Trump claims he did with those he kept) can do that. So they definitely were still classified, otherwise by now, I surmise we'd have heard President Obama saying he had declassified them. Then again, President Obama probably figures & knows that Biden is a lost cause so why get involved, after the fact, by lying about their classification trying to save a chump and maybe getting caught up in it himself.

It would not surprise me if the democrats threw a bashed and bloodied Biden to the wolves to let them rip him apart (figuratively of course) so as to oust him from the Oval Office because they probably think they can only do better with the word salad tossing, laughing hyena, dimwit Harris as president! Biden is essentially little more, if any at all more, than a write off to them now. He was a major embarrassment to the dems - what with his serial lying and his apparent mental health issues and the economy - long before the news broke about him retaining classified documents and that news just getting worse as time goes on. Thus my guess is, he will never be reelected unless by fraud and why would they bother committing fraud to keep him and his failures in the limelight. I think he does not have a snowball's chance in hell of a second term and my bet is the dems know it. So he basically is an expendable liability to them. If they throw him out or throw him in the hoosegow - they win. Why? Because that way they can later claim how wonderfully even handed and fair they were if and when they prosecute President Trump for the same offense for which they got rid of Biden. 
I tell ya, this country must be the laughing stock of the entire world with what I believe is the most nasty, disagreeable, disrespectful, anti-Constitution, anti-American, corrupt & out for only himself  asshole president within my lifetime. 
Yep, other than what I listed sources for, the above was mostly my opinion of him. What do you think of him?
All the best,
Glenn B