Thursday, October 10, 2019

A New C&R FFL In Exactly 3 Weeks!

There I was, sitting in front of my laptop with a wide grin on my face. I'd just checked my email and got one from the post office notifying me what mail I could expect today; they even include photos of it (not too happy they do that though - that is make a photo record of all the mail I receive - hope they do not suspect me of being in collusion with Russia).

Went out to my mailbox awhile later to retrieve it and there it was in the nice official FFL envelope with the little glassine window through which I could read my name and address printed on the face of the license and... Hey, wait a minute - they spelled my name wrong! That smile which had been on my face since I read the email now turned upside-down. They left one of the Ns off of my first name.

I called their customer service and someone picked up with about a minute. I was again happy figuring this would be a quick fix. Wrong again - that rep put me through to someone she said handles my state. Of course, the second rep never picked up and I had to leave her a voicemail. Still waiting on a callback.

Normally this would not be a problem,how long could a correction take (hope I do not regret asking). The thing is though, I was so happy to receive it because I am negotiating on an Argentine Colt 1911 and also because there is a Hessney gun auction coming up this weekend and I intend to bid remotely on some C&R guns. It would save me a good amount of money for FFL fees if I could have any of those potential purchases sent directly to me but my guess is that ATF will tell me I cannot use it until my name is corrected but am keeping my fingers crossed hoping they say it is okay to use.

By the way, I checked my application copies - I spelled my name correctly everywhere that I wrote it on the form. I hate it if I am the one who screwed up on something like that, after all - it is my name and I should at least spell it right and I did so.

Damn, when it comes to being that guy with regard to having little to no luck except bad luck - it is , all too often, me!

All the best,
Glenn B

Is It Really Paranoia To Arm Yourself For Self-Defense

Recently, someone I know, said something to the effect that people who carry guns are afraid of their world in as much as they evidently need to be armed to do ordinary things; this, in the context it was stated, hinted that folks who arm themselves for protection are paranoid. 

For a liquor store owner in Port Jefferson, NY - his normal thing was working at the store and probably having some pleasant chats with his customers. He was also one of those folks who was armed - thus I guess some would think him paranoid. Me, I think he was merely prepared for what might come and come it reportedly did. A man armed with a sword or machete entered his store, drew the weapon and started to swing it in close proximity to the store owner. What's a paranoid schizoid an armed store owner to do - he pulled out a gun and shot the guy. Guy with the sword is dead. Plus one for the good guys. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Hillary, When Did You Beat Him The First Time???

Hillary Clinton and her minion have reportedly hinted that she may throw her hat into the 2020 presidential race. How she can even think of doing so when a reported 71% of Americans think she should keep out of it is beyond me. When talking about it she said that President Trump " either lying or delusional or both..." (source).

As she seemingly continued babbling on she clued the listener into something that evidently tells a lot about her capacity to tell the truth and whether or not she is the one living in a world of delusion. She said she ", maybe there does need to be a rematch, I mean obviously I can beat him again..." referring to President Trump! 

I have no clue as to what she was talking about because last I heard she lost the presidential election in 2016 to now President Donald Trump. I am left flabbergasted trying to figure out when it was she beat him the first time to be able to do it again. Funny, I just heard someone say, in essence, that any time the left accuses the right of wrongdoing - you can safely bet that they are accusing the right of exactly what it is those on the left are actually doing. That my friends, fits here like a glove.

All the best,
Glenn B