Thursday, August 27, 2020

Not My Typical Month

I shelled out about 3,500 clams for gun stuff this month. Just looked at my credit card statements. Happily, I have a buyer for my Browning BLR Lightweight '81 but that sale price will not quite cover 25% of what I spent. Ouch! Yet, I am satisfied with what I am getting albeit not always the price paid considering current prices. However, if Slow Joe somehow wins, I will be ecstatic I bought what I bought before the election. If Trump wins, as I hope (as do we all I suppose if you are reading this), I will not be happy about spending the extra dollars but it is a gamble I was willing to take just in case he somehow loses.

Of course, if I attend a gun show in October, as I hope to (waiting to find out if we are getting a table) I am going to sell some stuff I have on hand that I know will sell at a...let me just say it will sell very well.

All the best,

Riddle Me This

Somebody has some explaining to do! That somebody would be someone at UPS like a customer service representative but I figure why bother since all they will give me is a run around. What needs to be explained is not so much why a package sent to me from Spokane, WA went from Spokane to Hermiston, OR; then to Salt Lake City on its way to me near Texarkana, TX but why after stopping in Salt Lake City it took a very wrong turn to the west and went to Oakland, CA and then wound up near Oakland in San Pablo, CA.

It was supposed to have been delivered today but now has been delayed until next Tuesday. That is one crazy way to get it to TX from WA.

All the best,
Glenn B