Thursday, August 27, 2020

Not My Typical Month

I shelled out about 3,500 clams for gun stuff this month. Just looked at my credit card statements. Happily, I have a buyer for my Browning BLR Lightweight '81 but that sale price will not quite cover 25% of what I spent. Ouch! Yet, I am satisfied with what I am getting albeit not always the price paid considering current prices. However, if Slow Joe somehow wins, I will be ecstatic I bought what I bought before the election. If Trump wins, as I hope (as do we all I suppose if you are reading this), I will not be happy about spending the extra dollars but it is a gamble I was willing to take just in case he somehow loses.

Of course, if I attend a gun show in October, as I hope to (waiting to find out if we are getting a table) I am going to sell some stuff I have on hand that I know will sell at a...let me just say it will sell very well.

All the best,

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Pigpen51 said...

I never shot an AR 15 until maybe a month ago, at my son's house. I have shot his AK 47, which is a nice enough rifle, but after shooting his AR, I knew that one day, I would have one.
So I looked to Palmetto Arms, where I have always looked first, for my gun purchases. Color me shocked. My son bought his lower, completed, for 99$ then waited for a sale on a completed upper, to complete his AR 15.
The very cheapest AR 15 lower I can find is running 209$, and uppers are around 350$. This is for mil spec. of course. I had hoped to get a mil spec. AR for maybe 300-350$, and then slowly over time, upgrade the desired parts.
I am going to wait until after November, and see if things come back to normal. Right now, ammo is so expensive,that I would not want to have to feed a new AR 15 at this time. Plus, eventually, I would probably want to add a different upper so that I could use it to hunt white tail deer here in Michigan. So that means getting the best deal I can. I am thinking of the second upper as maybe a 450 Bushmaster, or a 350 legend. They are both decent rounds, with the 450 Bushmaster being the most used new caliber last year, during deer season, from our PBS stations Michigan Outdoors shows annual big buck pole,and about 75% of the guns used were 450's. Even young kids, aged 10 or so, were using them, to great effect.
I am trying to not have to sell anymore of my guns,I am now about where I wish to be, with no extra guns that I don't feel that I need, or want, and so I will have to wait until spring, probably. I do have a Spanish Mauser, that I probably could sell, for a couple hundred bucks,if I get an AR, and can build up an upper in a caliber suitable for deer.
All the best