Friday, September 17, 2010

Kansas Closer Than You Think To NYC

I may have set a new world record for land speed over a 23 mile course last night! Well okay, maybe it wasn't a new land speed record that I set last night on my way home from my office but you can bet that you will be impressed by the amount of time it took me to traverse the 23 miles between my office and my home. Usually, this drive takes about 1 hour and fifteen minutes to maybe an hour and a half. Last night, after the storms that ripped through Brooklyn and Queens, there was a bit more traffic than usual - what with trees down everywhere in the storms path - including on the highways. That little bit more of traffic increased my travel time just a wee bit. It took me three hours and fifty minutes to get from door to door. Yep, 23 miles in 3 hours and 50 minutes! Amazingly, I did not even have a beer or a shot when I arrived at home, I just sat down, watched about 5 minutes of TV and then passed out.

I suppose the extra two and a half hours I spent at break-neck speeds, which were on average about 6mph (though a lot of it was at only about 1.9mph), really tuckered me out. They are saying the cause of all the bad stuff last night may have been a tornado. Maybe now they will have to change those NYC souvenir T-shirts that show a smoking revolver and say "New York City - It Ain't Kansas" because after last night it seems like Kansas isn't so far away anymore.

All the best,
Glenn B