Friday, April 16, 2010

Heading Home Tomorrow...

...and Phoenix will soon be left behind by me. I will miss Arizona even though I must say Phoenix is far from my favorite spot in this state. Still though it was nice, I had a good time here, most people were respectful if not downright friendly and I met a few special people I will never forget bar something like dementia. While I will miss some great people - both coworkers while here - and people I met socially - I am happy to be getting home. In total, since late March 2009 through today, I have spent 7 1/2 months in Arizona - 4 in Tucson and 3 1/2 here in Phoenix. I was lucky enough to be able to have a nice break in the middle where I was back home for several months before I volunteered to come out here for this most recent stay.

I already said goodbye to coworkers, now I would like to say farewell to some people I met socially. I wish all the best to Krystal and Sturgis of The Waters Band. I was not able to say goodbye in person nor even able to see them perform over the past few weeks so I miss them already. I must also say may the wind always be at your backs and the sun shining down on your faces to the staff at The Turf Accountant Pub where I had a few meals and enjoyed several Jameson's and several pints. All the best to Aaron, Natalie, Joanie, Melissa and everyone else who were so kind to me there. I will miss you all, you always had a smile and a kind word and you all made me feel at home even though I was thousands of miles from it.

To the staff at the apartment complex where I stayed, I wish you all well - especially Jennifer the house cleaner. Nice lady and a great worker. Also a fond farewell to those at Oakwood who arranged for my stay at the apartment and who took care of any problems. I never met any of them except on the phone but they were all great and made a long stay an easier one.

Finally - farewell to Rumpshot. This man was a nice gentleman with whom I have conversed on an online gun forum The Gun Counter. Well, I finally met him here in Phoenix at the Ben Avery Range. We had a nice conversation and he is a true gentleman. Did I say finally? How could I forget to say something about the great folks at Ben Avery Shooting Facility??? Everyone I met there, from the lady who collected the range fees, to the guys in the command booth, to the range officers along the line were all great folks. Thanks for several enjoyable days at the range. You guys were all great.

Finally, and this time I mean it, farewell to both Cap'n Bob and the Damsel whom I met one day in Apache Junction for lunch while they were visiting the area from southern California. They are two really swell people, very nice indeed.

Of course there were other people who were very nice, but these folks I just mentioned deserve my heartfelt thanks for going out of their way to make my stay here all the much nicer than it would have been had I not met them.

All the best,
Glenn B