Friday, October 13, 2006

Wyoming part 3, and...

my vacation are about to be history for me, I head home tomorrow. Yesterday Don and I went to JAX Sporting Goods in Fort Collins, CO. If the home prices there are right, and if taxes are not all that bad, I may just have found the place to which I want to retire. Wow, what a nice small, clean, lively city, with a university, and all surrounded by picturesque mountains. I was only there a couple of hours but it was great.

As for Wyoming, I will be sad to leave it behind. I like Don's place, and Don and I get along just fine. The solitude that Don lives with though could probably get to me; but in a way Don has a lot of friends around him at all times. See the pic to get an idea of just what I mean. These guys were part of herd of 37 Pronghorn that I counted one morning when I opened the curtains and took a look outside. I also got to see cotton tail rabbits everyday as I left the house. For the most part, there are about 4-6 of them just outside the front door every morning. Don is a lot nicer guy than me, I would be eatting hasenpfeefer at least once a month and Pronghorn once a week.

After a bit they probably would not present an easy shot as did these two, and I can only dream right now of coming back some day to hunt one for a nice dinner.