Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wyoming Part 2

Monday and Tuesday were difficult days for me. On Monday Don drove into Cheyenne to see his dentist and get drilled ouch). He dropped me off in downtown Cheyenne. I walked around some enjoying the sites, and doing some shopping. Then I stopped at the Crown Bar. I had a few beers while I waited for Don to show up. I met some interesting nice people there, and one really arsehat drunk.

When Don got there he had one, I had another, then we left, and did some shopping and driving around Cheyenne. We had dinner at the Strand (?), and headed back to his place. Almost as soon as we got there I was ill, and I stayed that way all through the night and through most of Tuesday. While I am not saying I got sick because of anything I ate, I guess it was possible. Maybe I should not have had those oysters at the restaurant in Cheyenne; I guess that oysters may not be as fresh in a landlocked state as in one on the ocean. Then again, who would ever have thought that Rocky Mountain Oysters could get you that sick! Maybe it was just the thought of me having actually eaten them that did it! Oh well, I had to try them once in my lifetime, not bad either, neither was the burger or boneless wings.

On Tuesday we were off to Cabela’s in Sidney, Nebraska. Once in Sidney, we stopped at a Chinese buffet across the road from Cabela’s, surprisingly delicious, if not very authentic, but a great lunch nonetheless. Then it was into Cabela’s for the long haul. Don is into guns; have I mentioned that yet? He also likes to deal with only certain folks, so he waited until a friend of his was free of his managerial meeting before he got down to business of looking at what they had in stock. Apparently Don’s buddy at Cabela’s had called him to tell him about a certain Kimber 1911 they had. After about 3 hours of looking at this and that, including a Colt Official Police, a Detective Special, and some others, Don decided on the Kimber (the actual transfer would go through an FFL in WY later). Cabela’s has a wonderful points system. If you buy a guns with a Cabela’s visa card, you get points, one per dollar spent. Each point is worth about .10; if you buy a lot or expensive items, those points add up.

After the purchase of the Kimber, Don and his friend figured Don had enough points built up to be able to put the Official Police on lay-away, so that he could virtually get it for free next month. (It takes a billing cycle for the pints to get into one’s account.) This made Don quite the happy camper. He had spent about 4 hours in Cabela’s, and would soon have two new guns. The Kimber, I suppose, could make any gun aficionado happy, as could getting a free Colt revolver! Both were used, but both in very nice shape. (Pics of that Kimber should coming soon, once the transfer is completed through an FFL in WY.)

This Cabela’s is not as big as some newer stores, but still had a lot As for me, well I spent my time looking around the store at what they offered, and running for the facilities. Yes it was a rough day for me, but nice to be there with my pal. I picked up some accessories and ammo for some of my own guns. It was too easy to spend $180 of my somewhat scant vacation money; but I figured well worth it. As we drove back toward Don’s place, we were both happy campers. I recommend a trip to Cabela’s for anyone who is into hunting, fishing, camping or firearms sports.

Once back at Don’s our day was done, and we took in a DVD showing of The Fifth Element before hitting the hay. Wednesday would bring a new day, and more fun travels. It would also bring another pang of homesickness, missing my family was just another part of this trip. How I wish I could convince my wife to move away from Long Island and our proximity to the New York City area. Not that I think it bad, just I think there are nicer places to which I would like to retire.

All the best,
Glenn B