Friday, August 10, 2012

My Guns of Choice

I will be taking off tomorrow for the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot at a sooper seckRit location in New Hampshear. I'm hopeful that Brendan will be coming with me but he is still suffering severe tendinitis after taking Levaquin. His doctor prescribed him Prednisone to alleviate the tendinitis but guess what the warnings for Levaquin say - that the risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture increase when taking corticosteroids, and Prednisone is one of them. So he has not taken the Prednisone and has been suffering. He is awaiting a call back from his doc and has an appointment to see a rheumatologist on Monday. It is going to suck if he cannot make it to the bloggershoot.

Well, I went ahead and packed today anyway, for both of us as far as guns and ammo and accessories go. That means I actually decided on which guns to bring along, well almost decided anyway. If Brendan does not go, I will probably shorten the list a bit. Since he is eager to shoot pistols, I packed the following handguns:

Beretta 92FS (9mm)

Beretta 92SB (9mm and the gun responsible for my Ballseyes moniker)

Beretta 70S (.22LR)

Remington R1-1911 (.45 Auto)

Ruger MKII (.22LR)

Glock 26 (9mm)

I also have 500 rounds of 9mm ammo ready to go and have about the same of .22LR.

As for the long guns, I decided to be practical. I am not bringing the Remington 870 or my Yugo 24/47 Mauser, nor any of my Mosin Nagants. The rifles I am bringing will be:

Marlin 25 MN (.22 WMR)

Marlin 336 (.35 Remington)

Romanian AK 47 WASR (7.62x39mm)

As you can see, I will bring along only one rifle that has a good amount of kick to it, that to protect my recuperating right shoulder.  The only reason that I am even bringing that one is because it is one of our primary deer season guns and we need to practice with it this year - so it is being brought along out of practicality. The AK is going along for shooting lots of bullets, I have about 500 to 600 rounds for that, and the Marlin 25MN for if and when my shoulder starts to ache. 

If Brendan comes along, I am sure he will bring one of his ARs and possibly will bring his Mossberg 500 shotgun. He mostly wants to shoot my pistols and in the FREE state of New Hampshire, he can do so legally without a permit. Speaking of permits, I called MA officials and found out there should be no problem transporting the long arms, or hi-cap mags (all pre-ban), I plan to bring on the trip so long as the rifles are locked in gun cases in the trunk. Also no problems with my pistols under LEOSA.

Even though I have pretty much made up my mind on what to bring, there may yet be changes due to trunk and gun case size. I am not too sure that all of the gun cases, ammo cans and gear bags will fit in the trunk of my car. I hope so though because I would like to shoot everything I mentioned.

I almost cannot wait for this shoot. It promises to be loads of fun. I sure hope Brendan can come along, that is what makes shooting the most fun for me.

All the best,
Glenn B