Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Good News For Me For Now

I saw my radiation oncologist yesterday. He scoped out my throat and despite all the pain I have been having in my mouth and throat he had good news for me. He cannot see any of the lesion or tumor where my cancer apparently started in my right tonsil and the rest of my throat also looks good. So, at least on the outside, my tonsil looks clear of cancer. Now I have to wait, until late February or early March, for the PET Scan and CT Scan to see if they got it all inside of my tonsil and in my lymph nodes. One can only hope.

Besides me hoping that they do not find any sign of the cancer by then, I am also hopeful that by then all of the pain will have gone away. My mouth and throat have been painful enough to make me cut back on eating lately and I lost a few pounds in the last two weeks. That made my gastroenterologist decide, today, to cancel my PEG tube (stomach feeding tube) removal for tomorrow. He said it would just be a better bet to wait to make sure I absolutely no longer need it. He is watching out for me.

Me, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

All the best,
Glenn B