Tuesday, February 8, 2011

9mm Ammo - Good Price Alert

Military Shooters has some pretty good prices on two brands of 9mm, 124 grain, brass cased, reloadable (so I am assuming both brands are boxer primed although it only says so for the Swiss stuff) FMJ ammo. They have two types available at right around a hundred bucks for 500 rounds:

Fiocchi @ $109.99


Geco @ $94.49

I was about to order the Geco, then I saw the ad for the Fiocchi said: "This 124gr FMJ 9mm ammunition is mfg by Fiocchi USA in Missouri." Again I am about to assume something, that they mean Missouri, USA. So I paid the extra $15.50 for it (well actually the extra $31.00 plus a bit more for shipping because I ordered a thousand rounds not 500). I figure the added expense is worth it if it helps keep some jobs here in the U.S. of A.

If you want either, I would hurry. They only had 7 lots (of 500 rounds per lot) of the Fiocchi and the Geco was also limited, I think they had 19 lots. Now that I think of it, maybe I should have ordered 500 rounds of each, instead of 1,000 of the Fiocchi, and I could have saved some cash and had a variety. Wow, an extra thirty bucks, I could have bought a case of beer - a really good case of bier - for that money. Heck, what am I thinking??? I just said it was better to buy the made in the USA stuff - didn't I! Sometimes I wonder about myself. Oh well, I'll survive. Anyway, it was just better to have ordered something made here, even if by a foreign owned company, because as I said, it helps keep jobs here.

All the best,
Glenn B

The First Lady....

...wants us to watch what we eat! Have you taken a look at her derriere lately? It is disproportionately huge in comparison to her head. Maybe that is because something that belongs in her head is really in her ass. All that not to mention her flabby upper arms. I am no lightweight myself but I do not go around professing that everyone in America should follow my guidelines to lose weight when I myself do not follow them. For example, while she has been telling us to all lose weight by watching what we eat, and has been praising and pushing the properties of organic vegetables, something else was happening at the White House Super Bowl party. Have you seen the list of delectables that was served at the White House Super Bowl party? If you have not seen the menu, here are at least some of the items that were served:

assorted beverages including at least 2 kinds of beer


buffalo wings


deep dish pizza

chips & dips

German potato salad


potato chips


twice-baked potatoes

salad (apparently not organic)

As the First Lady's other end keeps getting broader, she keeps taking broadsides at the rest of America and all the while keeps butting-in to our lives. It seems, if left up to her, we would not be able to choose what we eat, all only to satisfy her voracious appetite for control of every aspect of our lives!




All the best,