Friday, February 20, 2015

For The Gun Owning Pussy Lover

Some guys love guns, some guys love pussy, some guys love both. The perfect thing, for the ones who love both (the gun owning pussy lovers), is right here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Bobblehead Bomber

I used to have a Bobblehead Mohammad Bomber. For the life of me, I cannot remember what I did with it or what happened to it. I doubt I gave it away or lost it and while it is possible that the wife threw it out when I was away on a work assignment, I get the 
extremely vague feeling, if not exactly a recollection, that it was stolen lifted from my desk when I worked for the G. Of course, I may have lost it on 9/11 in the Custom House at 6WTC. I really don't remember one way or the other with any certainty.

Now, I don't know exactly why it has come to mind, again and again, but it sure has been coming to mind quite a bit over the past several days. So much so that I sure wish I could find that one or at least a source for another one. I checked on Amazon, at Ebay and by doing a general search of the web but found nothing available. In fact, I could only find a single photograph of one online but it is exactly as I remeber the one I had so long ago.

Anyone know of a source?

All the best,
Glenn B

That Under The Weather Thing Continues

Went to Costco late this afternoon. I hate it there when it is crowded, especially on Friday afternoons and had I thought of what day it was, I would have waited until tomorrow in the middle of our expected snowfall to have gone then. Anyway, I am still feeling so crappy, I don't know why I went at all. Yeah, I was feeling somewhat better yesterday but whatever bug I have hit back with a vengeance today and I have been hacking away most of the day. I guess those little germ bastards don't like whatever antibiotic I am taking and are fighting back; hopefully they will lose and will not start eating the antibiotic with gusto.  

Well, once back home, when I walked in the door, there was my daughter for an unexpected visit. She and my son were gracious enough to help out with all the stuff from Costco which was not all that much but enough to just about knock me out in my current condition. Once I got all the stuff out of the car and to the doorway, they helped me bring it inside. It really had dragged me down to get that done and I started hacking nonstop for a good long time - too long a time. Too bad I forgot to hit the pharmacy for the prescription cough medicine that awaits me there before I came home. Well, as I was hacking away, what does my daughter tell me?????????? She says I am to be her designated driver tonight after she gets sloshed at happy hour somewhere (to be announced later when she calls me to get her). She will be lucky if I am alive, let alone feeling like picking her up, when she calls judging by how I feel right now.

Oh well, probably better me than her behind the wheel if she will have been drinking. Time to take a rest before I have to pick her up. Maybe this time I will remember to also hit the pharmacy.

Lest I forget to mention it, allow me to add, at least my bout of gout seems to have ended and that is a very good thing indeed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Lightweight RazorSword - I Am Sure NY State Will Ban It Soon...

...or maybe it's already banned. I mean, after all, NY State Senator Tony Avella is currently trying to ban machetes so why not also ban this sword! Whatever the case in NY, the embedded video gives a brief demo of an interesting product, the Lightweight Razor Sword by RazorRazor that will probably remain commercially available in free states.

I have to say, it sure looks like a lethal surprise and as if it could be quite effective in a bad situation. Personally though, I would probably never carry one. Anything that apparently requires me to wear my belt, a does good the man in the video, without passing it through all of my belt loops would be problematic. First off - my pants would be falling, secondly - my strong side hip holster would not be secure or maybe not possible to wear with one of these belts as far as I can tell. Then there is the fact that some of the blades are laminate bladed. Laminate makes me think of the word separation but maybe that is just me who thinks like that - so enough said on that. Of course, there is also the fact that I am no swordsman.

The company offers a variety of such swords and also offers daggers to fit a similar style belt containment method. They all look deadly but even in the other videos I watched, videos showing the daggers and other swords, the belt seemingly was never placed through all of the belt loops on the guy's pants. It would seem at least next to impossible, if not actually impossible, to be able to rapidly deploy a sword or dagger so concealed if the belt went through all of the loops, especially through the most forward belt loops. Thus, my guess is that it is next to impossible to use the RazorRazor belt concealment system as a belt to properly hold up pants and securely carry a gun while also using it for effective concealment and rapid deployment for this sword. That is just my guess though and I readily admit, no I did not watch every one of the at least 54 (yes - fifty four) videos this guy has on the company's video page to see if he ever passes the RazorSword belt concealment system through all of his belt loops.

Regardless of how many videos this guy has, and if the belt passes through the loops or not,  I am not interested in these products enough for me to make an inquiry of the company. Not making the inquiry I just mentioned in that last, struck out, sentence would be less than responsible of me. So, what I just did was actually made a inquiry of RazorRazor via their contact page/form about whether or not the system can be utilized effectively while the sword belt concealment system passes through (under) all of the belt loops on a typical pair of trousers. I will probably repost any reply here on my blog as a follow-up post or comment within this post.

I am just stating my opinion here and will not try to encourage or discourage you from purchasing one of these items. Yet, I do recommend that if you are considering getting one of these systems and can't wait for me to receive and post that requested reply here, that you make such an inquiry yourself (if you want an answer in a hurry, their phone number is listed on the linked contact page) to determine if one of these suits your needs. My needs would be that the belt could be worn as a normal belt (under the loops) and still be effective to conceal the sword or a dagger while maintaining the capability of rapidly drawing the blade, act as a normal belt, and secure a firearm in a holster all at the same time; your needs might differ.

As for me, I think it not being under at least some of the loops potentially could be problematic in as much as I would foresee the sword (or dagger) possibly shifting out of concealment as you move this way or that way during the course of a day wearing it. Watch video 5 and you will see that merely turning the belt over and lifting it up a bit causes the dagger handle to pop out. Normally the front belt loops on your pants would prevent a belt from riding up or flipping over near the buckle. What is to prevent the belt from doing that when the belt does not pass under the loops - say as you climb in and out of a vehicle or do other activity that may cause the belt to flip and move up? It appears to me that nothing is preventing that from happening and that is another reason I am a bit leery of such a system but again that is merely my guess.

If anyone has personal experience with this sword containment system, it's utility and quality and how well it stands up after continued use, I encourage you to please leave a comment about your take on it. I am curious to learn more about it. In all, I think it could be a fairly effective way to conceal a sword or dagger and also be an effective surprise method of concealment and delivery for such a weapon within the limitations I see for it. As I said think I have already made clear, you can make up your own mind as whether or not to make a purchase and none of the above jabber is intended to persuade or dissuade you from legally purchasing any of these products.

As a side note, the next time you get into it with some dude wearing his belt without it passing through the loops, and he keeps fidgeting around the buckle - beware.

A Hat tip and my thanks to Kerry F for sending me the video.

All the best,
Glenn B