Monday, April 7, 2014

Sir Reginald's Marvelous Organ

What a fine piece of double entendre is this:


That had me just bust a gut, my sides are aching from laughter. A hat tip to my good friend Rich M for sending me that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Most Fun Sounding Job

So, here I sat today, in my man-cave of sorts, laptop on my lap while looking online for employment opportunities in my area. As usual, I used a few Internet job sites to see what was available within driving/commuting distance from my home. I keyed in certain words to find jobs in fields I think desirable. When I key in the word 'firearms' about the only jobs that ever come up, within 30 miles of my home, are armed guard or investigator positions and some jobs now and then with Kimber (and I never qualify for any of them as they are mostly for engineers). Today though, a job of a different type showed up when I put in the keyword "firearms". It sounds like fun to me, how does it sound to you:


Ballistic Test Technician

This position will require performing functional testing on various firearms. Adhere to firearms systems test standards, guidelines and practices. You will utilize test processes and fixtures as approved by the test organization as well as document test results to effectively communicate test status.

This is a temporary or "on-call" position. Flexibility is a must. All shifts are available.

Now if only it was full time, permanent and I was selected for it. Of course, I'll jump on it if they offer it to me even as part time and temporary. Yes, that means I sent in my application already! Wish me luck please.

All the best,
Glenn B