Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fruit of the Week - 4th Edition (as well as a bonus 3.5 Edition)

There was a good deal of fruity goodness in the house this week, as opposed to last weekend when I had to use fruit juices. In fact, this week, I did not wait until the weekend to mix up one of my concoctions. I started a bit early on Thursday because I went to Costco and added some fruit to the shopping cart that day. I wound up with a fresh pineapple, and 2 pounds of cherries, to add to what my wife already had at home.

So, for Fruit of the Week - 3.5 Edition, I pitted about 20 cherries (nice dark red Bing type cherries), cut up a nectarine, peeled a couple of bananas and cut up the pineapple. I'd guess that a cup and half to two cups of pineapple went into the blender with two bananas, 20 cherries, a nectarine, half a cup of OJ and 8 or 9 ice cubes. I added 4 ounces of Appleton's Rum and it was exquisite even if the pineapple was on the tart to pretty darned sour side.

Tonight, for Fruit of the Week - 4th Edition, I used up more of the pineapple (and it sweetened over the few days the chunks were in the fridge), a nectarine, a huge plum, about 2/3 a cup of blueberries, and a banana to which I added about 1/2 a cup of Crystal Lite lemonade (the blender will not turn the fruit into a smoothie unless there is some liquid in there first). I also added the squeezings from half a lemon and about 8-9 ice cubes. This was truly excellent by itself but after a taste or three, I added about 4 ounces of potato vodka. Delicious is not good enough a word to describe it.

Wow, I sure have been eating more fruit than usual for me, as of late.

All the best,

George Zimmerman A Free Man - Found Not Guilty but now...

...the NAACP wants to push the U.S. Department of Justice, run by that Black Panther protecting piece of shit Holder, to file a civil rights action against him. It is amazing how a group that purportedly is fighting against racism would keep trying to perpetrate it through this case where the only known racial remarks, between the two players, were made by Trayvon Martin. Of course, should the NAACP admit that there was no racism in this case, except for that caused Mr. Martin, by them and by Mr. Martin's supporters, and that race for the most part is not an issue in this country with a half white and half black president (who ironically enough considers himself black thus playing the race card himself), they would crumble and be no more. They won't do that though, too much money in it for them and too many idiots out there buying it all.

As it is, the jury has spoken and George Zimmerman is a free man, at least until the feds try to rail road him. You can almost bet they will try, what can we expect under the auspices of a half-breed who in essence refuses to accept he is half white and his ethically deficient henchman Holder. Hmm, maybe there should be an NAAWP but I digress, this is about justice, and Justice is truly blind when it comes to the color of one's skin or at least it was in this case.

All the best,
Glenn B.