Monday, September 24, 2018

Speaking Of New Boomers - Did I Forget... mention that I also picked up a new pistol over the weekend. I had the high bid on it at an auction in August, or maybe it was July (time flies - especially over the summer), and had to pick up the purchase paperwork at my county PD before I could pick up the gun. It would not be within reason for me to drive over 600 miles roundtrip solely to pick it up so, I waited for a more opportune time - the next live auction - to drive up and get it, thus killing two birds with one bullet stone.

What I got was a second Glock 30 in 45 ACP. When I told Brendan what I had bought, his response was the perfectly correct one - now you can carry two of them at the same time. I wonder, did I ever tell him that the best backup pistol is the exact same model as your primary carry pistol? If I didn't, well then, it seems he has learned some good stuff after leaving the nest.

Anyway, that is it up there as it appeared in the auction catalog. The summary said it was unfired in the box. I checked it out pretty well yesterday and can say with nary a doubt that it is indeed unfired except maybe for test firing at the factory. The copper colored lube that Glock places on the slide rails was undisturbed and there in copious amount; everything else also looked pristine. That is a good thing. The price makes it even a better thing, it was about $150 less expensive than the lowest price I could find on a new one elsewhere. It only came with two magazines while another at the same auction had the third mag but went for $25 more. Regardless, at the price I paid, I can afford having to buy a couple or few more mags and still wind up with a great deal on the pistol. All other accessories were in the box as they should have been there. This goes to the range  probably this week along with the other one I already owned.

Now, I am off to the virtual reality of online shopping, at Optics Planet (good price and free shipping if order is $49 and up) to get another couple of mags for it.

Okay, I came back to this post after placing my order for two more mags at Optics Planet. They deserve free plug. They had one of, if not the, best price(s) around. Since I ordered two Glock 30 mags at  $47.78, I decided to also order a needed cleaning rod adapter for a 12 gauge at $2.19 which puts the order total at just under $50 and thus makes it eligible for free shipping. Then I had the thought that I should look to see if I can add a coupon code. I found one at for $5.00 off an order above $49. I applied the coupon code to my order and it was now $44.97 instead of the original $49.97. Then I looked at shipping to see if it was still free or if I would now be charged for it since my order had gone under the required $49 minimum order for free shipping. Nope  - no shipping charge - it was still free even though the order total was now under $49.

With some other companies I have used, if you add a coupon code that brings the total below a minimum total to get free shipping - you lose the free shipping. Optics Planet does not screw you like that and that is just another reason I like to shop with them. Granted, the free shipping is not fast but it is free; in addition: their prices are usually very competitive, they usually have what I want, they also often have items I cannot find elsewhere, and their customer service was excellent when I had to use it once or twice before.

All the best,
Glenn B