Friday, July 2, 2021

I Wanted To Wish You All...

 ...a happy Independence Day weekend and figured I had better get it done now before all of my sails are unfurled and in the wind. It sucks getting drunk alone but it sucks more to be alone and not get drunk - especially for as momentous a celebration as Independence Day weekend. Add to that the fact that my apartment complex has outright banned barbecue grills on our patios and it is even worse. Supposedly, after 40 years of not saying so, their insurance company now says: BBQ grills are forbidden unless 25 feet from the  building. Fuck those commie, Biden loving, anti-American liberal scum sucking pigs who would try to ruin our nation's birthday celebration. I wonder where they expect them to go if removed - inside the apartments? So far, I have not seen one grill removed!
With all that bullshit plus with me being a loner for this grand weekend, it's an extra strength 5 Hour Energy drink, Laird's Applejack and Spaten Lager (or three) at least for tonight. I hope that I remember to walk the mongrel before it's too late to prevent an accident! Then again, she is not imbibing more than water so I am fairly certain she will remind me when it is time to go out; right now she is snoozing upstairs.
For the weekend: Shoot em if you got em, but only when sober and please and be safe with them as usual. By the way,  I received my Remington R-15 today along with my latest Remington 870 and two Colt Lord Deringer (correct spelling for the model name) derringers (correct spelling for the pistol type) today (all put away for my debauchery right now). So, I may have some shooty goodness fun this weekend - maybe tomorrow or Sunday or Monday.
As a side note, allow me to say: Fuck Joe 'Dementia' Biden and the dems for trying to call Juneteenth 'Independence Day' for the black community. With all due respect to black Americans who had ancestors who were enslaved (and to all white Americans, Native Americans and any other race of Americans who were enslaved likewise - lest we forget them) - there is one and only one Independence Day in the US of A and it ain't Juneteenth! As important a holiday as it may be to Americans - Juneteenth is not Independence Day. That holiday name has already been taken and is special to us as Americans in general and definitive as to the Independence of our nation from tyrannical rule; it has been taken for hundreds of year already. The leftists truly are American hating scum in what they would choose to cancel, to which I say: "Cancel Culture - Cancel Yourselves!
As for the rest of us, we patriotic American citizens, of all races, colors, creeds and such, and to all patriotic legal resident aliens, all I can say is: Have a very happy and very safe Independence Day and a long fun weekend!
All the best,
Glenn B