Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all decent folks (and my definition of decent is pretty broad but definitely excludes scum like terrorists).

My daughter is cooking today and we are going to her and her hubby's house
for dinner. My wife made fresh cranberry sauce and also made a butternut
squash casserole, I baked an apple pie and the brothers-in-law will bring
some scrumptious delights as usual. I am thankful for all that and more.
A special Happy Thanksgiving wish especially to our troops who are on foreign soil, on the high seas or up in the air protecting us on this day. I wish you all a swift and safe return to American soil.

As a friendly reminder, don't forget what today is all about - make sure to be thankful for the things you have - family - friends - health - wealth - food - a roof over your head - there is almost always something for which you can and should give thanks.
All the best,
Glenn B