Friday, November 23, 2012

What Next - Now That The Browning Citori Lightning Has Sold?

As I said before in a recent blog post, the Browning sold. What I can say now is that every penny of the cash, I got for it, has already been spent. I used some on hunting stuff and my hunting trip but more on gasoline for the car, food shopping, candles, batteries, daily expenses and some ammo too. The selling price made up, with a small amount left over, for the money I spent on the Browning in the first place. Well, maybe not if I consider gas and tolls and motel charge for my trip to the auction house where I bought it, maybe I broke even, just about. So, a new gun is not going to see a penny of that money being spent on itself.

Now that the Browning is out of the way, I am thinking of selling something else. I do not know which one yet but am guessing it either will be the High Standard Duramatic M101 pistol or one of my single shot shotguns. I have two of those and certainly do not need more than one. These decisions having to be made are rattling me almost as much a hunter trying to rattle up a nice buck.

All the best,
Glenn B