Monday, October 21, 2013

12 New Babies Have Arrived...

...and I am keeping them well fed on leafy greens and crickets. There are 7 of them in the first pic, cute aren't they! Oh, they are Bearded Dragons.

Here are seven of them.

That flaky stuff in each pic is tropical fish food,
it draws out the crickets from hiding.

All the best,

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves By Packing A Pistol

Or so this story could well have you believe. A pastor entered a store to buy a Gatorade and walked right into what looked like an armed robbery in progress. The alleged bad guy points something in his hand at the pastor and the pastor draws his own legally owned pistol and orders the guy onto the ground where the pastor held him until police arrived. Can you say Amen Brother!

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Glenn B