Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Boring Halloween

I've been sitting outside next to my front stoop, in a nice comfortable chair from the patio dining set, for about an hour now. Several parents with young children have hit the three homes directly across the street from mine for trick or treat goodies but they seem to be avoiding me like the Red Death. Older kids too have been stopping at the other houses but not one has crossed over to the dark side my side of the street. Damn, I am not even wearing camo let alone anything scary or even weird. 

I do have a huge bag of candy at the ready though. I also have 25 Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins in my pocket. Was going to give one each to the neighbor's kids if they came by and at least 10 to my grandson. Still waiting on him to be brought over by his mom and or dad. 

Last year, the neighborhood kids wiped out my entire candy supply. This year not even one Tinker Bell, goblin, ghoul, dwarf, hobbit, Elmo, axe murderer, Hillary Clinton nor Melania Trump has stopped by yet! I am abominably bored! 

All the best,
Glenn B