Friday, October 20, 2023

Is The Biden Administration Totally Crazy?

Do not answer that question, there is no need to do so for me because I firmly believe they are out of their minds. First our brain deficient president arranges for 6 billion dollars to be released to Iran supposedly for humanitarian aid. His proponents all argue that was great because the money can only be used for things like infrastructure. Apparently, they do not understand what it means for funds to be fungible. In other words, now that they got that 6 billion because of Biden, they can use another 6 billion (that they had already) to fund terrorism because they do not need it for infrastructure since they got the humanitarian funds only money from Biden. 

Then what does he say he's going to do, maybe has already done it: He said he is going to give 100 million dollars to Gaza - aka: Hamas. Does he think even for a moment that it will go to fund humanitarian needs! Yeah - maybe pennies on each dollar may go to helping people but most assuredly - I believe -  the great deal will go to fund Hamas terrorists.
He has been fanning the flames of war by making our enemies stronger. Thus a war waged against us would be waged by our enemies made stronger by Biden. In fact, our Islamic enemies (Iran, Hamas Hezbollah, the Houthis and so on) have three major goals - two are to be accomplished before the third. The first is the destruction of Israel & annihilation of all Jews. The second is to destroy the United States of America and they probably have enough potential terrorists here to at least start the job after Biden left our borders wide open for so long. The third is to either convert all people of the world to Islam and if they choose not to convert - then to kill them so only Islamists will be left. Of course then there yet may be a fourth goal, one sect of Islam or another to wipe out any opposing sects of Islam. They hate one another almost as much as they hate Jews and the freedoms of the USA.

As if those things were not enough to invite potential disaster, Biden has now done something that may actually lead to WW III if the above somehow is not enough. He ordered a nuclear test in Nevada and it was carried out. That after Vladimir Putin threatened to negate a non-nuclear testing agreement - the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. More at these sources:
Now, it may be that the type of test that was run did not violate the agreement but it almost definitely was a nuclear knee-jerk reaction to what Putin said about negating the agreement. It is also the kind of reaction that very likely has caused the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Pakistan and India (not necessarily our ally) to take notice in a big way and to raise their 'defensive' postures to ones that are much closer to leading to a nuclear confrontation. 
Does Biden think he is akin to John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis and that the world sees him as a strong (yet foolishly hawkish) leader as was JFK? (JFK was a foolish arsehat who gambled on nuclear destruction with the USSR and could have just as easily had his bet called and raised by the Soviets but luckily they backed down although JFK made concessions as well.) I truth I think, the rest of the world sees Biden much the same as conservatives in the USA see Biden & his administration - that being in a much more realistic way than Biden or his flunkies see themselves. Meaning of course that world leaders probably see him and his admin as an angry, confused & dithering bunch of incompetents.

If there is truly a God in heaven, I truly hope he has mercy on the human race.

All the best,
Glenn B