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Fergusson - I Won't Say Much About It...

...but I will say quite a bit of something about what is important in as much as I think what I have to say could truly fix the whole problem for so called underprivileged America. This goes for anyone, of any race, but I primarily will address Black America here in relation to Fergusson.

Al Sharpton and every bleeding heart liberal are, pretty much, saying that Michael Brown did not get justice and that they will seek it through a federal investigation and through a civil lawsuit.  The truth is, I think, he did get justice and got exactly what he deserved. With all due respect to his parents, my guess is that you allowed him to grow up to become a thug and that if you had not done so - this would never have happened. Instead of maybe cursing and damning the rest of America (as racists) and blaming cops during your son's lifetime while he was growing up, for all the ills of the black community - maybe you should have been putting a leather belt or size 12 up side his ass and a wooden spoon upside his head whenever he did wrong as a juvenile - they work wonders so long as you do not overdo it. Maybe you should have restricted him to staying home instead of roaming the streets. Maybe you should have sent him to summer camp for the summers instead of allowing him to hang out with bad friends. Then the proper lifestyle grooming, love, respect and encouragement probably would have been all that it would have taken to get and keep him on the right track. 

Had you been there at every PTA meeting and gone to his school every time he screwed up therein, had you encouraged good attendance and hard study, had you gone to school plays or musical events to see him in them, had you at least tried to help him with his homework, had you encouraged him not only to learn but convinced him just how important was a good education, had you been severe in making sure he played and lived by moral and ethical life rules, had you pushed him to get a good job, had you stressed personal pride in his achievements as a good citizen, had you been shining examples of exemplary citizens by doing what good parents do - working hard and voting and doing things for the community all while lovingly caring for their children with the goal that their kids will have it better than did the parents, had you stressed to him that there is hope and that your lives (as people of color) had improved since your childhoods instead of whining and moaning about being an oppressed people - well maybe he would have turned out to have been a very different Michael Brown.

There is always a chance that no matter what you did - he would have turned out to have been someone not of which to be proud. Then again, maybe he would have been a successful and good citizen and run one of the business in Fergusson instead of committing a violent crime in one of them. Maybe it would have been a business that would have been the pride of the community instead of the way the ones there are being burned down by self-oppressing  hooligans who say they support the likes of him and who say they want respect but who act like savages. To me, the acts of Michael Brown, in his last moments on earth were little more than those of a vicious thug. Perhaps you cannot see that because of your love for your son - but most of America sees it that way (including many black Americans). Sure, you loved him anyway but do you seriously mean to tell the rest of America that you loved the way the turned out, that you loved him being a thug.

That does not merely go for the parents of Michael Brown - that goes for the parents of every piece of shit out there rioting, everyone who would play the system to be supported by it without deserving one bit of support. The parents of the rioters - did I just call your kids shit - yes I did! You know, my mom used to call me 'shit on ice' and 'a lump on a log' and even much worse at times. That was when she thought I had done something bad as a kid. It hurt and it made me mad then and continued to hurt and make me mad right up until today whenever I thought about it. Today, I realized it also had another effect, a desirable effect. I am not so mad any more because I just realized that - even though it came with my mom's demented angry psychotic sort of parenting, which was in part a result of how she and we children were treated by her truly cruel and psychotic husband (our father) - even through her anger, the message was there to shape up or wind up being a piece of shit.

I shaped up without even realizing that was, at least in some small part, the message she was delivering. Thanks mom for doing your psychotic best to assure I turned out being on the right side of the tracks. I may not have turned out as good as I could have (especially as a parent or husband but I am a big improvement in both regards over each of my parents) but I never became a disrespectful, thieving, criminal thug who would violently attack and rob a store owner. Nor did I become a thug who would attack a police officer who was justly doing his duty - and that is a very good thing.

Grow up black America, at least the part of black America that thinks the likes of Al Sharpton are the epitome of your race - he is, as I see him, a blabbermouth and a pot stirring charlatan. If you truly want R E S P E C T (that is how it is spelled Mr. President) then go out and study hard, then get a job and work hard to deserve respect because it is deserved and not a free entitlement. I and the rest of America understand that there likely will always be racism, so what! You need to understand and tolerate it too - it is there and will not go away in total. Nothing is perfect and racial equality will never be so. Racism, it is an evil we tolerate because it is here and impossible to wipe out and it is a person's right to have that opinion of others (but not to exercise it in jobs, education, health care and such). However, we do not need to (and in fact most of us do not) agree with it nor do we condone it in any way shape or form - if most of us had done so, the klan would be in vogue and Hitler would have conquered the world. We also know racism works both ways and people of all races are prejudicial. Your self oppression is an example of it - you blame white people on the whole. Yet, we have come a long way baby, white people, in great numbers helped vote in the first black president.

We have a black president. We have had several African American cabinet members. That included two black Secretaries of State, black Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and black Secretary of Education and those were under George W. Bush alone. There have been other African American Secretaries, all the way back since LBJ was president. There have been many African American federal judges, including Justices of the Supreme Court. There are 2,792,736 federal employees (as of March 2012 - source). There are hundreds of thousands of people of color (an odd term as being acceptable considering colored is considered a despicable term - think about it) in federal employment. Likewise, there are many, many, many African Americans in state, county and local government positions throughout the nation. In the private sector it is likewise and there are many black senior executives in the private sector.

Are there still many blacks in poverty and or in jail, a seemingly disparate number? Sure there are but that is not necessarily a product of whites against black racism; in fact, a lot of that is due to the fact that black Americans still see themselves as oppressed and will not allow themselves to be anything other than oppressed. Many of the oppressors are the African American race baiters in your own community. In fact, you are - to a great extent - oppressing yourselves along with lots of help from those people who make money off of that feeling of inferiority - those charlatans who race bait at every opportunity. You know whom I mean.

You need to understand, as did the grand jury (after seeing and hearing ALL of the evidence) in Fergusson, MO, that when someone does something illegal like robs a convenience store, then illegally threatens a person with serious bodily harm or death - that other person has ever right to fight back including using deadly force to do so. To say that the current case in question was a racist cop shooting an innocent black youth, or is the racist system oppressing blacks, is absolutely preposterous. Doing so keeps you oppressed by your own hand. Yes, it does happen all to often that an innocent is killed and that race may have been, at least in part, the motivating factor. It may have recently happened in New York City but it did not happen in Fergusson - unless it was the fact that the African American youth hated and attacked the cop because the cop was white and that the black youth turned out as he did because his own community refuses to accept that they have been accepted. No, not perfectly so, but as I said, racial equality is there, to a great extent it is acceptable among most Americans and so is R E S P E C T. That is, at least, if you are willing to work for the latter and work at giving the same.

In fact, and it cannot be disputed, America has changed. Racial equality really is there if you are willing to accept the fact that you have to work hard - not so much for it - but for respect from those of us who do work hard at supporting this great nation. Stop making believe that every one who is white or Asian or maybe even most non-black Hispanics in America hate you and are out to get you. Those of you who refuse to grow up, and out of the stereotype that you have of yourselves as an oppressed people, are in the great part acting like spoiled brats who want everything for nothing and who whine and moan at every opportunity that no one respects you. That is not how it works - or should work - at least if you truly want respect as being equal.

Sadly, the results of your continuing to believe yourselves as oppressed by other races, as opposed to really being oppressed but being played for fools by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others, are all to often the Michael Browns of the world. They are, in my opinion, good for nothing low lives and often get what they deserve no matter how much their moms may love them. Don't blame the rest of America for that - don't play the race card and thus perpetuate racism - blame yourselves for letting your kids grow up to emulate trash - be it white trash or black trash - thugs are thugs. Then become good parents who bring up children who are good citizens and who become productive members of society. I am not saying that there are not a large number of blacks that are not good parents, I am saying there are too many who are not solely because they perpetuate racism instead of self improvement and responsibility.

Just to reiterate one point - the above it not aimed at all Black America. It is aimed at the leeches, the thieves, the thugs, the race baiting charlatans, the racists, the agitators, the radicals and the rioters who would keep you in chains to the benefit of themselves at the cost of your suffering. It is aimed at parents too, who would allow their children to become such. It is suited to people of all races but particularly, in light of Fergusson, to African Americans who would allow their kids to turn into criminals.

To those Black Americans who are out there working hard - not only at jobs but at bringing up their kids the right way - to become contributing citizens of the greatest nation on earth - I salute you. Who knows, if you get it just right, then someday one of your children may become the president of the United States of America and a Libertarian or Conservative one at that. Better still - your child may become a president who actually deserved to have been elected based upon his or her merits such as: hard work, truly suitable experience for the job, ethical and moral core beliefs and skill sets rather than on a ton of political balderdash.

All the best,