Friday, October 28, 2022

It Does Not Have To Be God... the blessing could come from the gods, The Force, Mother Nature, the Universe or whatever source from whence it comes. The thing is - we as a nation do need to be blessed to avoid our collapse and or destruction at the hands of our enemies both foreign & domestic before it's too late..

I'll take that blessing from whomever sends it our way!
All the best,
Glenn B

How Long Will It Be Before She Blames Trump...

 ...for setting up the attack on her husband; the she being Nancy Pelosi. More on the attack at the source.
That assault maybe was meant for her. Then again, maybe it was set up by her to draw pity votes for her and other demoncrats during next month's election??? I would not put that past her - she is a solely a politically motivated manipulative bitch as far as I am concerned.
Hope her husband recovers - no one should be attacked as was he. I wonder though, if the assailant will be let out without bail or very low bail regardless of the serious nature of the criminal act or will he be held in custody. Immediate release on a very low bail or no bail - isn't that the norm nowadays in San Fransicko! Oh wait a minute, it happened to a Pelosi; so, I imagine then he will be incarcerated. Time will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Pussy Is Dangerous


 This video just goes to prove that what I tell my pooch - each time she goes to sniff a cat when we are out for a walk - is correct: Pussy Can Be Is Dangerous!

As for why he did not use his elk hunting rifle (if he had one), maybe it had a big high powered optic on it that might not have been the best idea to try to use at that close a range. Regardless, I am fairly certain that no matter what firearm I would have been carrying, it would have been a dead pussy-cat had I been in such an encounter.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, October 24, 2022

It's Not The Best Quality Photograph By Far...

 ...but there are several things I like about the shot & the subject matter of it:

I like that I took this particular photo when I did so a few long moments ago. Next, I like the fact it is within my son's house home. Another thing I like about the picture is that it shows a really excellent bier, one I cannot believe I have emptied without yet getting up to grab the last one in my son's beer fridge. I also like the Grateful Dead 'Steal Your Face' sticker on the laptop (a gift from my son - the sticker not the hardware. Of course, now that I've mentioned hardware, I had best say I like the pic within the pic of the blued steel and wood hardware and I like that piece very much. It's a Colt Detective Special made in 1971; it's up for auction (not saying where because I do not need you bidding against me). Next is the computer itself, I lie my refurbished HP Z Book quite a bit - it is an improvement over my previous laptops. Then there is the pheasant head mount; I got that at a auction and I love it even though a bit of its beak was chipped off before I procured it.  The aloe plant is pretty cool too. Add to that the wood Venetian blinds and last but certainly not least is the string of incandescent bulbs running along the width of the blinds (you can only see one bulb in the pic) that is throwing off what they call soft white light but that I have always seen as yellow light kind of like what you see when you look at the sun just a lot mellower. Wait a minute - one more thing - the shot is out of kilter just a bit and I like that too because it is how I feel right about now - a bit out of kilter in as much as the bier is empty and it is motivating me  because I am thirsty. So here I go, way overdue, to go grab myself that last Paulaner Munchen Oktoberfest Marzan bier.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Firearms Related Purchases - It's Not Merely The Cost of Guns & Ammo...

 ...that have been going up over the past several years for firearms enthusiasts. In fact it seems almost all gun related items (with one exception among what I've bought) have been much getting more expensive almost every year ( almost because some went down at first but then again went up) since at least 2017 and the higher prices do not necessarily match the inflation rate.
Here are some examples of firearms related products that I have purchased through Amazon Prime since 2017 and their prices over the years.These prices are the base price not including tax & shipping. While most were shipped free of charge, some were not. For example, because Gunzilla is shipped directly from the manufacturer, it came with a shipping charge - with tax & shipping that meant about another 8  or 9 dollars added to the price shown below. Note all prices shown below are Amazon Prime prices unless Prime was unavailable for an item.

4 - Silica Gel - Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers 40 Gram Canisters of Desiccant 
Now $39.99
2021 $29.54
2019 $24.99
2017 $7.11 (2 pack – so it would have been $14.22 for 4)
Southern Bloomer Shotgun Cotton Patch 3X3” 500/bag
Now $33.91
September 2018 $15.99
May 2018 $12.06
October 2017 $17.93
It amazes me that what amount to bits of rags cost that much.
Southern Bloomer Pistol/Rifle Cotton Cleaning Patches 2.5X2.5" 1000/BG
Now $35.91 
2021 $29.59
2020 $23.99
2018 $26.40
2017 $26.43
Sack-Ups Valu-Pac Camo Field Grey, 3 per Pack, gun socks
Now $29.31
2018 $23.31
GUNZILLA 16Oz Turret Top
Now $29.95
2020 $29.95
2019 $29.54
2018 $22.67
Gunzilla has been pretty good at holding nearly the same price over the years, at least after 2018. I will admit though, I think it overpriced regardless but I buy it because it seemingly works as good or better than most other gun cleaning products I have tried and is supposedly non-toxic.
Black n' Red Notebook (bound book for my C&R FFL records)
Now $8.48
2019 $6.99
The reason I wrote a post about this was that I was about to order four small 40 gram desiccant containers and was shocked when I saw the current price is $39.99. Being my little gray cells do not have the same memory capacity as they did some years ago, I decided to check to see if my mind was playing tricks on me or not because I would have sworn they had been much less expensive not all that long ago. My little gray cells were on the money this time because those desiccant packs have gone up almost 41% in just 5 years.

Damn and folks thought toilet paper prices went up astronomically during the Covid brouhaha. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, October 14, 2022

Seeking A New Blogging Platform

 I am looking for a different site on which to continue my blog. Over the past two days, five5 or six of my posts have either been flagged or removed from my blog altogether. It appears some scumbag informant is reporting my posts, as somehow objectionable or against Google/Blogger guidelines, to Blogger. 
Can you imagine, I had offered a 1911 Mag to one of my readers who could give the closest estimate to my mileage on a trip I took some years ago (the blog post was also posted years ago). That was flagged as spam and removed. Go figure. Maybe someone at Blogger or Google needs to look up the definition of spam. 
Another post, a review of a scope was also flagged as were a post about my opinion of RAP music and the attitude expressed in one song (my opinion was quite supportive of that particular song's lyrics) and another that was a bit about Muhammad Ali (aka: Cassius Clay). This is getting ridiculous; so, I am seeking suggestions for another site on which to continue my blog. Thanks for any helpful suggestions you might make.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 13, 2022

I Supopose He Will Get Beatings & Forced Sexual Encounters...

 ...on an almost daily basis. I am referring to the Parkland School shooter whose jury today recommended he should receive a sentence of life with parole instead of the death penalty. More at the source. Hopefully, Nicolas Cruz's life sentence will amount to hell on earth 34 (reportedly the number of his victims) times over each day for the duration of his sentence. 
It is almost unfathomable that he was not given the death sentence, at least I cannot grasp the why of it except maybe that the jurors were pussified or woke (was that redundant). He reportedly: secured the weapon a year ahead of time, then he planned the shooting for a long time and did so seriously for 7 months beforehand picking the day (Valentine's Day), researching prior mass shooters, selecting the location and in all the time he planned it - he evidently planned to kill. Once the shooting began, he reportedly returned to victims he had shot but who had not yet perished and shot them again. More at this source. If that is not capital premeditated murder - nothing is. In fact, as I see it, he is evil incarnate.
As it stands now, I suppose families and other loved ones of the victims, as well as the surviving victims themselves, can only hope he will receive jailhouse justice while in prison. 
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Biden Finally Has Made Some Sense But...

 ...sadly (very sadly) it is about us being closer to Armageddon than we have been since the 1960s. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

New Apartment Woes

 There was a shit storm of sorts in my new apartment's bathroom last night. Was watching TV when I heard a gurgling noise, then a loud pop, then water sloshing. Went and found my hall, partial bed room and complete bathroom floors under foul smelling sewer water and saw remnants of crap in the bathtub around its drain! Later heard more gurgling and saw water seeping out from under the toilet where it joins the floor. I cleaned it all up, it was pretty disgusting. Then I put dry paper towels on bathroom floor and guess what - they are soaked again now. Waiting on a plumber and on management to get here. I called and texted management several times last nigh on the two numbers they gave me, both are at their office with no way to call for an emergency.
It's a little later than when I wrote the above. Anyway, the property manager got here maybe half an hour ago and right after him the plumbers showed up. They cleared the line and said it seemed to be toilet paper clogging it. Damn new water efficient toilet probably the cause by my guess, it barely flushes any water to wash stuff down the drain.
Manager is going to clean it all up with some super strength disinfectant. What a shitty way to end my day last night and to spend the wee hours of this morning, I was up until 0300!

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Decisions, Decisions...

...Decisions! They are all around us each and every day at just about any moment of the day. 

 For instance, I have a decision to make tonight. I'm still not sure which one it will be but am getting closer to imbibing a wee -  but not too wee - dollop of my decision. 
All the best,
Glenn B