Sunday, February 12, 2023

Is The USA About To Come Under Another Surprise Attack...

 ...just as we did on December 4, 1941when who I think was that other terrible socialist of a Democrat FDR was the president? He ignored the warning signs and so did his administration, Congress and our military. Our ships and they who manned the ships & the base were oblivious as were most of the rest of nation at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. Despite the writing being on the wall we ignored Japan.
"The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise, but Japan and the United States had been edging toward war for decades." (Source.)
Today we seem to once again be ignoring what are obviously threats to America's security and people. Again it comes from the far east but this time probably emanating in Red China not in Japan (which has become a great ally of the USA). So far, as of sometime earlier today, it has been reported that the U.S. military shot yet another suspected spy object out of the sky - this time reportedly over Lake Huron in Michigan (more at the source). That is number 4 in eight days or so. Some in government seem to be taking heed but is it to late!
Some may think these intrusions of our air space to be harmless, others may think them violations of international law and as potentially dangerous in as much as they may be spy aircraft, and in as much as they pose a potential threat to air traffic.
I, on the other hand, wonder if they are a definite prelude to all out war with China and any other countries that have a hand in these possible spy aircraft. Our President does not seem too concerned and the White House has not given out much info about them or about what it means for us - We The People Of The United States Of America. In that regard he and his minion seem much like the president, Congress and the military back in 1941 - clueless and indecisive. Is the writing on the wall again?
If you think about it, for all we know we may have already been attacked. While these aircraft may indeed be spy-craft, I ask myself - is it possible that they had a dual or a totally different singular purpose. That dual or singular different purpose may have been to disperse germ warfare agents. Where was it that COVID-19 was created? Where did at least one of the four aircraft, recently shot down over U.S. airspace, come from? What country probably posses the greatest risk, or at least the second greatest one, of engaging the United States in a major war? If the answers you can up with are the same for all three questions that I just asked and if the common name of the country begins with a C and ends with an A and often has the word Red placed before its name - then maybe you think a bit like me.

Of course maybe they are just spy-craft gathering intel on our military. I wonder why they'd do that! If war breaks out and these aircraft were the prelude to an attack, then I think Biden potentially should be the prelude to the losses we will suffer. To do that, he should be handed a double barrel shotgun and a helmet and be the first man on the front. Of course, if Biden had to do that, I wonder if the Chinese would just welcome him into their ranks as their best ally.
How, I hope my suspicions are unfounded. 
All the best,
Glenn B