Thursday, October 29, 2020

It Would Be Amazing...

 ...if before Tuesday (election day) one or more states had enough votes cast by its registered voters to determine who won that state in the election for the presidency. It certainly ought to be something if not easily figured out then certainly possible to determine if enough votes were cast & tallied for one or the other so that the remaining number of votes, even if all of them went to the guy with less votes, were not enough to help him.

Just imagine the storm of shit balderdash that would cause within the media and among the politicians & other talking heads who believe themselves know it all pundits. It would be very interesting to say the least.

All the best,
Glenn B

If This Is True - We May Be In For Some Interesting Times

Go to the link and read about these two books:

Baron Trump’s Marvellous (sic) Underground Journey (supposedly published in 1893)

1900 Or The Last President (supposedly published 1896)

As the article about them says, they boggle the mind (at least if it's true that these books exist, are genuinely from the 1800s and that their story line is as it says in that article). Go to this link and be amazed or not. It's got to be be a hoax - doesn't it - but if it's not and if it's for real then it is absolutely amazing!

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Upcoming Halloween Gun Show

 I'll be heading to a gun show on Saturday & Sunday (Saturday is Halloween) with Brendan (my son) this coming weekend. My guess is there will be what amounts to a frenzied panic buying with the election scheduled to come only two days after the show on Tuesday. Of course, it could be that most of us shopping for guns & ammo have already stocked up fairly well - either at good prices way in advance of the current round of panic buying or during it at sky high prices but there are many who have not.

As for me, I did both - I do not stop buying ammo because of high prices brought on by the hysteria of the masses. That is not because I am/was ill prepared as far as my ammo supply goes, it is because I do not want to be caught short should it turn out I really need it for more than just casual target shooting, hunting or possibly a one off self defense situation in the event the situation in our country gets any worse what with the current anarchy in many leftist cities and states.

 I truly believe that Biden has a chance of winning the upcoming election not so much by way of an honest election with integrity but by way of deviousness, cheating and outright fraud on the part of his supporters. If it does happen that he winds up in the White House, my bet is it will be 6 months at most before the demoncrats make an all out effort to enact a 35 to 50% tax on firearms and ammunition as well as on their components. That will be their first step in trying to disarm American citizens. At that point it would be impossible for someone like me (like me meaning the great majority of Americans & legal immigrant aliens) to be able to afford to purchase ammunition unless and at least until black-market ammo becomes available for sale. 

You may not believe the same as me nor think that Biden can win but I look at it this way: If I spend too much on ammo now and he loses; well, I spent too much and will not have that money to spend elsewhere but I'll have my ammo.  On the other hand, if I do not buy it now and he wins - I'll still have my money but will not have as much ammo as I would like because it will become impossible to afford it because of both the even worse buying frenzy to come should he win and because of the tax I am sure they will at least attempt to enact on it. By the way, if the demoncrats win the Senate, hold the house and take the presidency, you can bet your bottom dollar that such an ammo tax will become a reality without a doubt.

So, I figure buying now and living with the regret of having spent too much will be much easier for me than not buying now and living with the regret of him winning with the result being ammo purchases becoming a thing of the past. Of course, if all goes well, President Trump will handily win reelection.


All the best,
Glenn B

This Intelligence Company Seems To Me To Have Gotten It Almost Right.

 ...and I am referring to Inmar Intelligence who reportedly has said that people in the U.S. are planning to replenish their stockpiles of supplies again due to the current pandemic. According to a report at Fox News, Inmar Intelligence has indicated that: 

"Now, roughly 57% of shoppers are considering restocking due to growing fears of a "potential second wave of COVID-19," which could lead to another round of bare store shelves." (Source.)

While they may have gotten it completely right, my guess, based on current events and upon past instances of panicked stockpiling that I have witnessed, is they got it pretty much right but not completely right. I think they have missed the influence that the upcoming election - with it's prospect of the Biden/Harris ticket winning - would lend toward people stockpiling supplies. Let's face it folks, many of us fear that if Biden wins, our country will become a haven for ultra leftist socialists and a hell hole for anyone who opposes them and our nation's prosperity would soon thereafter go down the drain as did that of the once oil rich Venezuela. Yep, it definitely seems to me that they overlooked that when it comes to the possibility of another round of panic buying.

Regardless of which analysis is correct as to the cause of anticipated panic buying - there probably is no better way to assure it will happen again than to broadcast those predictions, by way of the national/international media (Fox included) that it is coming.

That said, pardon me please, I need to run to the stores to get some canned food, water, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, beer & booze, medical supplies and to see if my local Academy Sports has any more 5.56mm NATO in stock (bought three 200 round boxes of it earlier today). After all, the election is less than a week away! Who me panic? Hell no - but it's nice to be prepared and I was raised at the height of the Cold War and learned its lessons on preparedness at least fairly well. While I was never a Boy Scout, there always was one thing and one thing alone that I ever liked about the Boy Scouts of America -it was their motto: "Be Prepared"!

All the best,
Glenn B



Saturday, October 24, 2020

I May Have To Carry One Of These...

 ...but since one, the Gil Hibben - Sub Hilt Toothpick - is almost the size of a short sword, it will not be that one.


That's a pair of Ortgies pistols in 32 AUTO which should give you an idea as to scale; it's a pretty big knife.

The other is more manageable and will draw a lot less attention. That other one would be the Browning Black Label ShadowFax 104 BL. 

I like both but I like the ShadowFax is the one I like much more as far as looks and anticipated practicality go. Now, if there ever is an actual zombie apocalypse, I might change my preference.

By the way, I got these at my favorite gun & knife getting place - Hessney Auction Co. LTD at their last Sportsman's Auction earlier this month.

All the best,
Glenn B

400 Round Ammo Cans of Federal XM193 5.56 NATO...

...are currently being offered for sale at for $259.95, $239.15 if you are a member of TSUSA Prime! You may think that is crazy but I recently saw at least two cans of 420 rounds each, of the same stuff, sell for $400 each at a gun show. If Biden wins, who knows, they may go up to 1K per can or more. It's in stock as I type.


All the best,

Has Enough Time Passed...

 ...for me to be legally allowed to vote for President Trump a second time during the current election? How I almost wish that I had had the balls to have registered in several names and thus would have voted for him many times like I am certain many lefties will be doing for Biden and some conservatives probably will do for Trump.  Oh well, when it comes to voting, I follow the rules; too bad not everyone will follow them.

All the best,
Glenn B

No Car For The Weekend...

The car is in the body shop. It was supposed to be ready to pick up on Friday but they found more damage under the bumper cover once removed and that means it should be ready on Monday. If that was not bad enough my right hip has been killing me. No car means no taking the mongrel to the dog park, which also means I have to take her for long enough walks regardless of hip pain. Add to that, I only have Alleve, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Tramadol for pan killers reducers (they hardly ever work to actually kill the pain, they just lessen it most days) and it's been a bit of a tough one so far. Aspirin & Tramadol trump the either of the other two OTC drugs & Tramdol. Add to that insomnia - caused for whatever reason by the Tramadol (I don't quite get how an opioid causes insomnia but it does for me) and the the weekend is looking to be fatiguing. Of course, there is always booze but I want to be careful mixing that and Tramadol. 

One thing about the Tramadol, if I take it and endure a sleepless or almost sleepless night, I must admit that the next day I feel almost as if I slept very well the night before. It certainly relaxes me, at least when it reduces most of the pain or actually gets rid of it all, and I think somehow convinces my body I slept well. I'd not like to have insomnia for three or fours nights in a row to find out if that would remain true over the course of a few days. 

 I did discover, that if I can wait to take it right before I go to bed and if I am extremely tired right then, I will fall asleep before it kicks in. I'll then get about 3 or 4 to 5 hours of sleep depending on when I have to get up to pee. Then, no sleep after that, just laying there in my bed relaxed but wide awake. If I take it when just ready for bed but not exhausted, it keeps me awake most of the night. Oh well, things could be much worse so what the heck, I'll enjoy the weekend as much as possible. Seeing a pain management doc on Tuesday, maybe he will give me some real pain killers.

All the best,

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Final Debate

 I was watching it up until maybe 2 minutes ago. Basically, it is a another pissing match. I could not stand it. They both suck as debaters although Trump seems better this time so far. Still it was like torture to watch or even just to listen too while doing something else with my eyes like read gun forums.

Of course, the MSM will say Biden won and Fox and OANN will say Trump won. I figured it this way: I already voted, so why bother watching & listening since it was utterly annoying. Turned it off and wrote this instead.


All the best,

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Michael Savage = POS

A day or two ago, Rush Limbaugh gave us the terrible news that his lung cancer has spread and that it has become evident to him he will lose the battle against it. I feel for him and I commiserate with many other patriots because the end of his life will be a great loss for the United States of America. Having suffered through stage 4 throat cancer several years ago, I also actually can imagine how that must feel because there were several times I thought I was losing in that fight. 

Yesterday, Michael Savage came out and lambasted Rush for having made the announcement or at least for what he essentially criticized as the undignified way in which Rush did it. To Michael Savage I say two things: I will never again listen to your show and fuck off you pompous & worthless piece of shit!

All the best,
Glenn B

The Case Against Biden & My Liberal Facebook Friends


I have been wondering: where are all the comments from my liberal FB friends who slammed Donal Trump when he was running for 
president as a foul mouth nasty sort (Biden has proven himself likewise for years) or later as a liar for his exaggerations while Biden obviously has been an outright bullshitting liar on many points such as which college(s) he attended & whether or not he knew of his son's business (business should be in italics) dealings for two examples. Amazing how they all cried out and ranted about President Trump's alleged collusion with Russia and presented what they said were heaps of evidence against him that all turned out to be nothing as proven again and again (well nothing except for a set-up against President Trump). 
Why are their lips sealed about the emails of Hunter Biden, found on his own laptop, that apparently implicate his father, the guy running for the presidency, in (to use their word) collusion with Russia, the Ukraine & China among others - let alone the drug use and possible sexual misconduct by his son as allegedly seen in hard cold evidence on Hunter Biden's laptop?????? I guess their eyes only go as far as those leftist MSM (mud slinging media) outlets like MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Twitter & Facebook (that like to say it's only a conspiracy theory but who would be calling for Trump to be ousted if that had been his son's laptop with that stuff on it). I imagine they do not want to know the truth but much prefer the censoring of what appears to be fact and the censorship of those who try to inform others of it.
Just had to get that off of my chest somewhere other than just at FB.
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, October 15, 2020

I Voted Today


I voted today, in person at an early polling place. While I was wearing my Long Island (NY) Gun Club shirt, I voted in my newest home - Texas. They had some pretty fancy voting machines. You put in a ballot - voted on a digital touch screen - the ballot came back out - you could then check to verify it - then you put the ballot into another machine that basically swallowed it up and hopefully tallied my vote correctly.

I see no reason for it to be a secret as to for whom I voted; it's probably obvious to most of my readers without showing this but if there is any doubt in anyone's mind, all Republican from Trump on down. 

Please vote and please make certain it is to reelect president Trump and to put Republicans or Conservatives into the House & Senate, but only once. I am not affiliated with any party, I am an independent but I also am a responsible adult and voting the way I just mentioned seems to me to be the only responsible adult way to vote.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Tried Early Voting Yesterday...

...but when I saw the line meandering through the parking lot, of maybe 100 people, I turned around and left. Went again today, maybe 40 people on line. Will try again tomorrow later in the day, hoping to find less than 20 folks on the line and if so I may join in it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Texarkana Gun Show This Weekend - On The AR Side...

 ...of the twin cities. I am looking forward to it. Brendan will be visiting and we will have two tables at the show. We are trying to sell some personally owned guns by way of private sales and maybe sell a bit of ammo and other stuff too. Keeping my fingers crossed we do not catch the Rona V and that we sell lots of stuff (actually wish I had lots to sell but do have just barely enough, I am willing to part with, to get two tables).

The show is run by Kerry Murphy Promotions. Great folks and they hold nice shows.

All the best,

Did Not Sleep A Wink Last Night - Not Even One!

That's likely because my right hip was killing me so I took two Alleve which did nothing. Then I took a Tramadol. After waiting 20 minutes or thereabouts, I took another, that took off most of the edge. I went to bed but the thing is when I take Tramadol, I just lay there, quite comfortable and mellow when & if it completely kills all the pain (which it kind of, sort of, almost did last night) but I just cannot sleep. I've found that if I am exhausted and take one right before bed, I'll usually fall asleep and stay that way for maybe 4 hours or so until I have to haul mine arse out of bed to take a wee. Then when I go back to bed - no further sleep. 

Last night was one of the nights where I took it at more than a half hour before going to bed and it started to work while I was awake and for some damned reason unknown to me - I just laid in my bed unable to sleep because I took it like that. Why a pain killer would keep me awake is mind boggling. Then again, even more befuddling is the fact that the next day, I often feel as if I got a great night's sleep. 

For instance such was today. I have not taken a nap, not one wink, all day. That is odd because I got piss poor sleep for the two prior nights and then none at all last night and I felt fine all day today. Go figure but somehow it fools my body into thinking it was well rested.

All the best,

Monday, October 12, 2020


I found a small gold mine among my ammo reserves - 18 boxes of 30-30 Winchester ammo. Now, you might think why am I saying that's a gold mine. Well, it's been selling for around $40.00 per box on Gun Broker (selling price not the asking price). Stuff that normally sells for around $11.99 per box is selling for upwards of 300% of the normal price during this ammo buying frenzy. Since I do not have a rifle in 30-30 (just sold my Marlin 1936 in said caliber), I suppose I'll have to try to sell this stuff. Guess I'll bring it to the gun show in Texarkana this weekend and if it does not sell there, then onto GunBroker it goes. My prices at the gun show will definitely be lower than what I have seen it sell for on GunBroker.

I wish I had some 9mm or 5.56 NATO to spare as well but this will have to do. Imagine what it will all be selling for if Biden wins. Egads, I shudder at that thought.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Range Time Fun Today - Glock 19 Gen5, Ruger Mark IV & Two Berettas

I finally got my butt in gear and went to a local indoor range to shoot my Ruger Mark IV pistol that I've had for quite the while now without hooting it. As opposed to sticking to my norm of being THE Great Procrastinator, I got around to it quicker than usual for me; it only was sitting around at my place unfired since I received it during the week of August 16th. Hmm not bad. Then again I was a veritable speed demon with my Glock 19 Gen5 that I purchased at a local gun store only three days ago and also took to the range today. My third pistol today was my Beretta 84B and the fourth was my Beretta 1934.

The first one up was the Ruger Mark IV. It was a pleasure to shoot, much the same as my Ruger Mark II. The big difference that I anticipate is that taking down and assembling the Mark IV will be a breeze compared to the PITA of doing the same with the Mark II. I only shot it at 15 yards, but was pleased with the results right out of the box with some CCI & Armscor ammo. Surprisingly the 5 rounds of Armscor ammo that I had in a partial box gave me and almost one hole group at 15 yards!

The CCI was not all over the place but its grouping was nowhere as close in as was the Armscor - go figure. Of course, sometimes it seems that each 22 LR pistol shoots differently than even the ones that were immediately on either side of it on the production line.Thus the results with various brands of ammo differ from one to the next. I need to try several other brands and types within brands to see which it likes best. Yet, the first shots were satisfactory.

First 10 shots at 15 yards with the Ruger Mark IV on a B-27S target.

Terrible blurry shot but you can see the five shots with CCI (lower ones)

                                                 as opposed to the five shots with the Armscor ammo (upper ones).

After a total of 40 shots with the Ruger, I switched over to the Glock 19. To say I was a bit happy, not so much with the pistol, but that I shot as well as I did would be an understatement. I know it's not Annie Okaley marksmanship but it was pretty good. I just used the same target I had used for the Ruger.

Seven shots in the X ring & 14 in the 10 ring with one in the 9 ring.

Glock 19- 45 shots at 15 yards (the small holes are from the 22LR).

As you can see, I shot rounds from both the Ruger and the Glock a bit high and to the left. Me thinks I need to adjust where I have my finger on the trigger. As for the triggers, the Glock 19 is the typical 5.5 pound trigger pull of Glock renown. It is pretty crisp and has very little creep and only requires slight forward movement to reset. As for the Ruger, it had a bit more creep than I recall in the Mark II but I will have to bring both to the range some day to compare them. Still though, it is a fairly smooth trigger.

The Beretta 1934 was okay, shot well to point of aim. A nice older gun I've added to my collection. Failed to fire a couple or few times as the trigger when engaged did not drop the hammer. Seems I have fixed that after the fact though and pulling the trigger activates the hammer each time as of late.

The Beretta 84B, is an exceptionally nice gun. It shot on point at 5 yards but at 10 yards was shooting high and I certainly was not heeling it. The sights are relatively small so I kept it closer in than the other two. I like it and would carry it if need be as a pocket gun bit on the big side for that but still okay). It had the smoothest trigger of all of them but I could not get as nice a group as with the Glock 19. Still though, nothing too shabby.

Beretta 84B - 26 shots at 10 yards.

I spent a nice hour at the Texarkana Gun Barn range. Will be spending more time at this place for sure; it's a nice, new, clean and modern range with an excellent & friendly staff. I highly recommend it if you somehow ever find yourself in or around Texarkana (heaven only knows why you'd travel to this town though).

All the best,
Glenn B

Too Bad People Do Not Have Tails

Image may contain: dog, text that says 'The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue Anonymous-' 


All the best,

Thursday, October 8, 2020

So, I've Been Considering Getting A Glock 19

I've been thinking about it for a while now but you know me THE Great Procrastinator. Really though, this time, it's not been all that long. Probably less than a year since it crossed my mind and then was quickly forgotten about. Had been thinking about it more recently, maybe over the past few months but had been sick and a bit lower on cash than I would have liked and anyway no one seemed to have them - I suppose due to this pandemic/insurgency/election buying frenzy. I had seen a new one or two and some used ones in as new condition on auction sites but they always went for way too much, so I held off. I figured if President Trump wins the election prices will go down but as I am also a skeptic I can see that Biden has a chance of winning if only due to voter fraud and that got me thinking even more so that I should get one. Additionally, I wanted one even more than ever because I have been carrying a Glock 30 and it has been way too heavy on the belt what with two extra mags, a Buck folder and OC Spray on the belt along with my right hip becoming a screaming painful nightmare as of late (but it's getting better). While I have a Glock 26, I must say, I much prefer the Glock 19.

Then just yesterday, I saw two (or maybe it was three) Glock 19s for sale at Academy Sports. They wanted $539 each for a Gen3 and a Gen 5. I thought the Gen3 was too much and the Gen5 seemed about right. They were singing a Siren's song to me much the same as Odysseus must have heard while tied to the mast of his ship. It was tempting indeed. Last night though, I was looking for one online when I saw a page for the Glock Blue Label Program. Heck, I'd bought my Glock 26, many years ago, under that program at a substantial savings back then. Now as then, the Glock site said it normally would save the buyer about $75 to $100 on each gun purchased, I think with a limit of two per year. They had a link to check dealers in the prospective buyer's area and I put in my zip code.

I was happy to see there were two dealers in my area. One was a pawn shop, the other was a gun store/range - the Texarkana Gun Barn & Range (aka:Alpha Pistol Training). It was the same range where I had qualified for LEOSA earlier this year. Nice place, great guy, Steve, running it. I called them earlier this afternoon to ask if they had any new Glock 19's in stock. I was told no they did not. The guy talking to me on the phone (Chuck) then asked if I was military or retired military or a first responder. I said I was retired federal law enforcement. He then said in essence, 'we have two in stock but only for the blue label program, one with Ameriglo night sights and one with standard Glock sights'. I asked the price, he told me, I said I'd probably be there when they opened shortly after 1100 tomorrow. 

I sent a text to my son saying I was debating getting it, then another that said why am I debating. He replied, "Buy two". I thought about my luck and let me tell you: While I have lots of luck, the thing is if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have almost none at all - so why wait. I checked my situation - I had cash on hand and my Amex credit card. Then I checked my wallet and assured it contained my retired LE ID, driver's license and license to carry. I took the dog for a very quick walk, dropped her off back in the apartment and then hopped into my car and drove straight there. A customer was at the counter when I arrived maybe 10 minutes after leaving home. I was happy to see that while he was buying a pistol, it was not a Glock 19.

I am now the owner of the one they had in stock with the standard sights. This one:

Some folks think Glocks are ugly, I think they look just fine and they certainly do the job.

I guess by now you're interested to hear the price, and since I did not see anything on the Glock page saying it was some sort of state secret, allow me to say with a grin it was $425.00 plus 6.25% tax (and man did that make me grin because in my village the tax is 8.25%). So, now I'm back to 4 Glocks - and loving it. I foresee a range trip in the not too distant future and yes I have the ammo to spare.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Murphy's Gun Show Benton Ar - Oct. 3 & 4th

Went to the Murphy's Gun Show in Benton, AR with Brendan this past weekend. Nice show, we spent the complete two days there since we had two tables. I sold my Colt Detective Special for a whopping $16 profit (not really a profit considering the expense I had to pay to get to the gun auction where I bid on it but $16 more than I paid for it directly). Still, not bad considering that at sometime between 1932 and when I bought it a year or two or so ago, someone had filed down the front sight by about half. The woman who bought it seemed eager to have it and asked my best price and I lowered the asking by $25 and she immediately said she'd take it regardless of the painfully obvious sight alteration (painfully obvious to most folks but not to me when I bought it at auction). Either she thought she had pulled off a truly great deal or she wanted it for what she said - a 38 for her son to use to shoot snake shot. She got a good deal and I made a very few bucks on it. 

Ammo was going for out of this world prices, for instance: Monarch 223 in a 520 round spam can selling (yes actually selling) for $225 per can when it can be had (when it stock) at Academy Sports for about $167 out the door and could have been had (with the first responder discount that was in effect until 9/11) for $148 out the door. And yes it has been available fairly recently. Other stuff was selling for prices just as crazy. Guns were likewise in many instances.

I managed to sell only a few small things other than the Colt. I also bought one gun but one that will never go bang. This one:

 I am going to use it to help train my son in pistol retention, gun takeaways and such - things I should have taught him 10 years or more ago but I am THE Great Procrastinator.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, October 2, 2020

Sad, Concerning & Scary News

The leftists must be coming in their pants (yeah, I could have said it differently but wanted to tell it like I think it really is) over this sad, concerning & scary news: President Trump and Melania Trump have both tested positive for COVID-19 (source). I can only wish them well with a speedy and complete recovery. I hope they get better sooner than later!

All the best,
Glenn B