Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Case Against Biden & My Liberal Facebook Friends


I have been wondering: where are all the comments from my liberal FB friends who slammed Donal Trump when he was running for 
president as a foul mouth nasty sort (Biden has proven himself likewise for years) or later as a liar for his exaggerations while Biden obviously has been an outright bullshitting liar on many points such as which college(s) he attended & whether or not he knew of his son's business (business should be in italics) dealings for two examples. Amazing how they all cried out and ranted about President Trump's alleged collusion with Russia and presented what they said were heaps of evidence against him that all turned out to be nothing as proven again and again (well nothing except for a set-up against President Trump). 
Why are their lips sealed about the emails of Hunter Biden, found on his own laptop, that apparently implicate his father, the guy running for the presidency, in (to use their word) collusion with Russia, the Ukraine & China among others - let alone the drug use and possible sexual misconduct by his son as allegedly seen in hard cold evidence on Hunter Biden's laptop?????? I guess their eyes only go as far as those leftist MSM (mud slinging media) outlets like MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Twitter & Facebook (that like to say it's only a conspiracy theory but who would be calling for Trump to be ousted if that had been his son's laptop with that stuff on it). I imagine they do not want to know the truth but much prefer the censoring of what appears to be fact and the censorship of those who try to inform others of it.
Just had to get that off of my chest somewhere other than just at FB.
All the best,
Glenn B

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riverrider said...

concur. and still spouting lies every day. he has an add featuring what is supposed to be a struggling middle class restaurant owner, turns out he's a wealthy dem donor instead, but still run the add for those that don't know any better.