Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Michael Savage = POS

A day or two ago, Rush Limbaugh gave us the terrible news that his lung cancer has spread and that it has become evident to him he will lose the battle against it. I feel for him and I commiserate with many other patriots because the end of his life will be a great loss for the United States of America. Having suffered through stage 4 throat cancer several years ago, I also actually can imagine how that must feel because there were several times I thought I was losing in that fight. 

Yesterday, Michael Savage came out and lambasted Rush for having made the announcement or at least for what he essentially criticized as the undignified way in which Rush did it. To Michael Savage I say two things: I will never again listen to your show and fuck off you pompous & worthless piece of shit!

All the best,
Glenn B


Trumpeter said...

I remember a long time ago when Michael Savage was incredibly well read and erudite. That was a long time ago. Then he just got nasty. Stopped listening back then.

Ken said...

Savage lost me ages ago when he came out against modern sporting rifles.

Plus the whole "psychological NOOOOODITY" weedly weedly wwaaaaaa dentist's drill hair metal SPLOSION! SPLOSION! SPLOSION! told me he was talk radio for Beavis & Butthead.

Murphy's Law said...

Never cared for Mike Wiener personally even though he usually said the right things. Didn't get the feeling that he was authentic and was just parroting to get and audience,