Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Irony Is Two Fold, Double Edged and Double Barelled

A NJ woman was stabbed to death, outside of her home, by her ex-boyfriend last week. Yet, she had papers filed with the courts to prevent that and a restraining order had been issued by the courts to keep him away from her. Not that those pieces of paper really ever prevent anything but there is another fold to the paperwork. The victim had filed all appropriate paperwork in application for a pistol permit. Reportedly, the police chief involved, in essence, sat on the paperwork and did not approve the permit application within the 30 days as required by law - she reportedly applied back on April 21st (source). 

Had that piece of paper been approved instead of a useless restraining order that may have been issued promptly but for naught, she would have been able to legally arm herself with a handgun (but there is a twist on this - more later) and may have turned the tables on her attacker, who killed her with a knife by stabbing her to death, and shot him down before he could have done so. The police only then acted swiftly but again not fast enough when they commenced a manhunt for the suspect. They reportedly found him dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. 

He kills her with a knife while she is awaiting a gun permit, the application paperwork for which is delayed by the police chief, while she was supposedly protected by a promptly issued paper tiger restraining order, and the suspect then commits suicide with what I am guessing was an illegally owned gun that no police chief made him wait to obtain and for which he maybe was not required to file any paperwork, and then the armed police acted swiftly, although sadly too late, on the woman's behalf but yet not swiftly enough to capture her assailant who they should have restrained in the first place. If that is not irony two fold, double edged and double barreled - nothing is. And to add insult to injury and just a twist more of the ironic, get a load of this:

"...even if Bowne had obtained her permit and used a gun to protect herself, she could theoretically be facing charges today because she would not have been allowed to legally carry the gun outside with her. "

The guns laws in this country are fucked up and those in places like NY State, NYC, NJ, MA, Chicago and CA are fucked up beyond belief!

All the best,
Glenn B

Yet Another Woman With Her Finger On The Trigger (Nope, Not This Time)

I've posted quite a few photos of women with their fingers inappropriately on the triggers of firearms, all in the name of firearm's safety, here on my blog. So, if you aren't supposed to place your trigger finger on the trigger until ready to shoot, what are you supposed to do with your booger picker in the meantime?

Without further ado, here is a photo of a woman doing just what she should be doing regarding trigger finger placement when holding guns that one is not about to shoot.

Clikety bigety. Photo source.

As usual, this photo has been posted here for firearms safety education purposes - why else would I put a pic like this here for any other reason!

All the best,
Glenn B