Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy I Did Not Bet Money...

...on Pants on Fire in the Kentucky Derby. Animal Kingdom made one heck of a an impressive finish! Wow, that was an awesome show of horse power!

I think this year, I will have to attend the Belmont Stakes. I have been to Belmont but not in years and never to the Belmont Stakes.

All the best,

I Am Betting On...

Pants on Fire - and they are off.....

Did President Obama Recently Throw The Ultimate Bomb of Post-Mortem Insults at Osama bin Laden

I doubt that I am the first to think of this but then again I have not heard any other poor demented psyches make mention of it. I was wondering if president Obama recently, either inadvertently or purposefully, took the ultimate after death pot-shot at Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda and maybe even the world of Extremist Islam. I mean, how else could you see it when Pres. Obama said:

"We don't need to spike the football..."

If that is not insulting to a radical Islamist, if it is not something that could or should incite extremist Muslims to violence, then nothing is such. It is much worse than showing them a picture of the now dead leader of al Qaeda, isn't it? After all, my friends, of what is the classic American football made? Let me give you a hint or three:

It is not made from synthetic material

It comes from a farmyard animal

Oink, oink, oink...

Yes, you guessed it (or knew it already). The classic American football is made out of the skin (actually the bladder) of the pig - hence the other name for a football: a PIGSKIN. As in, "Pass the pigskin to bubba and he will score" (no they do not mean the pork rinds).

Maybe this President Obama guy is really an all American after all. Now, mind you, one good thing done by him followed by one hell of a great insult to that piece of pig shit Osama bin Laden and his pig shit buddies in al Qaeda doesn't mean I am going to vote for the reelection of President Obama. Perish the thought starting right now! It simply means I am going to take it for granted, until the president himself says otherwise, that when he said: "We don't need to spike the football...", in reference to not showing the body or death picture of bin Laden, the football to which he was referring was Osama bin Laden himself (the photo only being a representation of him) AND I am taking it for granted that he was making a reference to bin Laden as a pigskin to purposefully throw and insult at him and al Qaeda!

Way to go Mr. President - with all due respect sir and in my personal opinion - not only did you finally do something right (let's face it if you wanted to commit political suicide you could have said "NO" to going for bin Laden) you actually may have said something right - and both all in one week! Maybe next you will admit that water-boarding was not torture as classically defined and that because of it we obtained the first clue in a long line of clues that led to killing the most wanted pig on earth and thus you will drop the investigation of those who used it and instead pin medals on their chests.

We don't need to spike the PIGSKIN football..." - I have been rolling on the floor laughing my ass off over that one. It is the best one liner I have heard in years.

All the best,
Glenn B

PS: President Obama having said that almost lends credence to a rumor I heard that: Just before the bag containing bin Laden's body was sealed, some enterprising Navy personnel placed a football in his arms, then sewed the body bag shut so he could rest through eternity holding a pigskin. Was it coincidence that the president used spiking the football!!! I am sure it was just a coincidence of a rumor and a great insult coming one right after the other. Yeah right!

Osama Bin Laden Remembered - Almost As Good As A Day Without Mexicans


Now that Al Qaeda has confirmed the death of their leader Osama bin Laden, a call has gone out for all followers in the USA to pay homage to him for a week in the near future. Stock prices for 7-11 fell drastically as 7-11 has announced that store managers, for 98% of its stores nationwide, have said they will be closing next week due to 'a death in the family'.

In addition, on a local note: Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has announced there will be an increase in the number of buses and subway trains operating next week due to the anticipated shortage of taxi drivers. It is also anticipated that most newsstands in the NYC area will be closed.

On the brighter side, U.S. beer and whiskey manufacturers have seen a quadrupled increase in sales as Americans celebrate a small victory in the War on Terrorism.

Believe that one and I'll tell you another. Don't blame me, I just received an email with a briefer version of that and just felt compelled to have some fun with it. A hat tip to my friend Bob for giving me the inspiration for this one. Now, back to the serious, or is it the delirious, side of life.

All the best,
Glenn B

Is Charles Rangel Out of His Mind?

I just woke up and turned on Fox News. Granted, I was still groggy and was in no condition to be greeted by them doing an interview of Congressman Charles Rangel but then when is one ever prepared for such balderdash as what he spews forth. Well, there he was on Fox News moments ago, and if I understood his babbling style of speech correctly, he was saying that if we cannot tell him under what flag was Al Qaeda, or tell him who they are, then we cannot argue against his point that we do not belong in Afghanistan. He also seemingly argued that we have not achieved anything in Afghanistan in tracking down Al Qaeda. He also, in essence, said that intelligence obtained by torture is invalid and therefor not apparently responsible for accomplishing anything.

Tell me, where were the people captured who we have in custody in Gitmo, captured? What type of technique was use on them, by our CIA, before they got to Gitmo? What information did they give us that led to the assassination of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden? Is Charlie Rangel of of his friggin mind! I think so.

How he can be so flipping ignorant and still be reelected time after time simply amazes me.

Later 4 U,