Friday, September 12, 2008

My Glock 26...

...arrived today. There I was sitting at the duty desk in my office when in walked the FedEx lady. I had to sign for two packages for folks in my office. Once I signed, she asked me how to spell my last name for input on her keypad. As I was telling her, I looked at the packages and surprise, one was for me. What a coincidence! I showed her how to spell it; then I checked out the return address. It was - Smyrna, GA, home of Glock USA.

Well yippee, the Glock 26 had arrived, only about a month and a half, at most, after I had sent in the order, though it seems like less time. Not bad at all considering it has taken months for others in my office to receive their pistols ordered likewise.

Now the one n the picture, is not the exact same one I received, but it will have to do for now. Virtually the same pistol, so not much else to show by me posting a pic of the actual one I just got, but I'll take a pic tonight when I get home and post it anyhow just because that way I will have shown you my actual Glock 26. For now though it remains in the box, unopened. Well I opened the shipping box, but not the actual plastic gun case that Glocks markets with these pistols. I'll wait til tonight to do that, when I am home and relaxed. if I get the chance, I'll take it out over the weekend and shoot it at a range, you know just to make sure there are no glitches, bugs or kinks that need to be worked out of it. I imagine that about 400-500 rounds of 9MM should do the trick, you know- to break it in - so to speak.

All the best,

Glenn B