Friday, September 6, 2019

That's One Heck Of A Sardine...

...but just go ahead and try to fit it in a can! Oh wait a minute, that's a trout and a big one at that!

A man in MO caught what turned out to be the state record Brown Trout at 40 lbs 6 oz. That destroyed the previous state record for MO that was held for only seven months by another man who had caught a 34 lb. 10 oz. Brown Trout back in February of this year. More at the source.

I would imagine that guy, from back in February, must be highly disappointed but then records were meant to be broken and he had his 15 minutes of fame so to speak. The world record Brown Trout, a species native to Europe, was caught by Otwin Kandolf in New Zealand, it weighed in at an official 42 lbs. 1 oz (source).

Me, I'd be happy to catch one big enough to throw in the pan. My son's first trout was impressive for a youngster though. He caught one while wading in the pool under Taughannock Falls in NY state many years ago. While he thought he had hooked a fish, I was sure it was caught on the bottom and took the bent over pole to get the hook loose. As I grabbed hold, the line started to strip off of the reel super fast with a high pitched whir of the drag and I knew he had hooked a good one. Probably only weighed in at about 2.5 or 3 pounds, maybe 4 at most, but it was pretty impressive first for a pre-teenaged kid who had never fished for trout before and was doing it the way he saw it done on some cable sports fishing channel maybe it was ESPN. I think he told me ESPN but anyway that is why he had waded out to about hip or waist deep. He was also using my favorite spinning lure, it's yellow with red spots - one my uncle had used many years before when we had tried to catch a trout in the same pool when I was a teen. We were not so lucky but over the years I kept buying that same lure hoping sooner or later it would work on a big one and there it was with me and my son and a catch that will last in memory for a lifetime.

By the way, amazingly enough, some huge Brown Trout have been caught in AR. Now that may not be amazing to you but I would never have pictured as warm a state as AR as being a trout haven. Yes, someone told me about it last year in the comments to one of my other blog posts but I had forgotten all about it. Read more about it today when looking upon info on the world record brownie. The northern rivers supposedly hold and abundance of them and some huge ones at that. I may have to get myself an AR non-resident license (now that I moved to TX) and visit Brendan more often.

All the best,
Glenn B