Friday, July 18, 2008

Let The Auctions Begin...

I have listed two (2) auctions, one each at and one at

The one at is for five (5) boxes of Winchester 7.62x25 ammunition, 85 grains, FMJ, 50 rounds per box. See:

My starting bid is not bad either when you consider it works out to $13.00 per box of 50, and that when last offered at, this ammo was going for just under $19.85 per box of 50.

The other auction at eBay is for a 2002 NCAA Men's Final Four, Maryland terrapins, National Champions cap. It was autographed by Gary Williams the Maryland coach when I met him in a restaurant across from the college. If interested see:

I am hopeful this will help bring in some cash for my anticipated purchase of a new pistol or rifle, and I figure it is better than begging.

All the best,
Glenn B