Sunday, September 3, 2017

Someone Please Explain To Me Bloggers Dropping Google...

...and refusing to use videos from YouTube (run by Google). I have been working virtually full time for the past 5 weeks and not keeping up on reading other folks' blogs as much as I had been doing but saw tonight at least two bloggers in my blog rolls who are even talking about or have already gotten out of Blogger (also run by Google).

What's up with all this fallout over Google? Have they done something more leftist than usual? Have they stopped allowing gun videos at YouTube, have they been censoring gun blogs, have they banned the NRA from their sites, have they called for the assassination of our president - what gives?

This is a serious inquiry, someone please clue me in.

Glenn B

BLM - The Original Movement

Actually it was well over 300,000 Union soldiers who lost their lives.

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Gassed Or Not...

...that could be scary.

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