Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our President Not Forgetting Wounded Warriors

Well, really it was our previous president.Would you expect President Obama to ever do something like this?

All the best,


His face hidden behind a teleprompter so he does not screw up once again while making a speech on the campaign trail. His sleeves rolled up to make believe that he built up America.

Folks, if you think we need this guy again for the next 4 years of the presidency, then go ahead and vote for him but remember, once you are standing in a soup line, that you voted for him. Then again, how you voted for him the first time was almost understandable, though made no sense, to me. How you could even consider voting for him a second time truly befuddles me. If you do consider voting for him, please bear in mind that, it was not George W. Bush who was responsible for the worst deficit in the history of our once great nation. 

Me, I am looking forward with some real hope that we will get truly meaningful change for the betterment of the United States of America. In other words, I foresee a nation without Barack H. Obama as president and with President Mitt Romney leading us to recovery.

All the best,
Glenn B