Thursday, December 10, 2020

Tempting Fate Again - I Guess

The COVID-19 Pandemic is at another peak or s they tell us. Me, I believe them, at least around here in TX where it is at its first real peak - at least in eastern TX. Despite that, life has not ended here. Stores are open and business goes on for the most part with most people wearing masks but not all. If you wear a mask it's fine by me - I wear one when in crowds or in stores as they are required by state law or rule or regulation or whatever. If you do not wear one, well maybe you are right and masks are bullshit but then again if not and you failed to wear one and get sick, nothing personal but I won't mourn you. Of course, if you do not wear one and it is later shown they greatly reduced the chance of you spreading it, and you got it and passed it on to someone else because you did not wear a mask - fuck you - rot in hell.

Now as this post's title suggests, I - in fact we - may be tempting fate this weekend - again. The we being Brendan. We will have tables at the gun show in Conway, AR. We'll both be wearing masks and have alcohol gel at hand. Hopefully we won't catch any nasty shot like the Rona V or the flu. Stay well my friends.

All the best,
Glenn B